Talking CPaaS and APIs with Brightlink

Understanding the connections between CPaaS and APIs

Talking CPaaS and APIs with Brightlink

Brightlink’s won awards for its UCaaS solution and its VoIP offering. Its ‘Brightlink CPaaS Platform’ is also a strong contender, and is intuitive, feature-rich as well as functional.

Enterprise leaders looking to take their communication to the next level would benefit from the capabilities of Brightlink’s UCaaS solution. It is mostly because of the company’s unique approach to APIs, which are somewhat of a CPaaS enabler.

The platform lets developers and non-developers build APIs to integrate into all sorts of apps – the apps they use daily. With companies like Zeroqode and NoCodeAPI on the market providing like experiences, Brightlink still exists on a playing field of its own in the CPaaS arena.

CPaaS is a Vehicle for Innovation

Joe White, Chief Technology Officer, Brightlink, said you can think of CPaaS as a sort of orchestration tool. “The more products and services you have to integrate, the more you will get from CPaaS itself.”

Driving this kind of value for enterprises only heightens the need for CPaaS. With integrations at its core, CPaaS can integrate CPaaS platforms into lifts the weight off of developers so they can focus on more pressing matters:

“They’ll go beyond provisioning numbers and basic services to enable things like push configurations into their CRM systems”

Having this kind of flexibility within an organization is necessary for today’s business environment, especially when it comes to meeting rising customer demands.

Understanding the Full Benefits of CPaaS

White told me, he does believe companies will someday take full advantage of CPaaS once they embrace the technology. “They have to look at the signs.” Today, you have companies outsourcing IT requests to several vendors and third parties for marketing and advertising campaigns, he added.

And he sees outsourcing as a problem in the industry, adding, “CPaaS lets companies nix outsourcing, fully embrace CPaaS, and deisolate IT departments.”

White believes the silos are being lifted more enterprises realize the critical nature of having IT and business communications working in cahoots. “This frees up developers so they can fine-tune customer and user experiences,” White added.

CPaaS is Stepping Up its Game

Brightlink plans to add several new integrations in 2020. The platform is to undergo a redesign of sorts, and will soon let customers control their VoIP and messaging solutions through the platform.

“These capabilities will save our customers a lot of time, and no one else offers them”

He also told me, customers can soon procure numbers from around the world, enable emergency services, and messaging. According to White, when customers finish up their orders – they can push the numbers to a cloud PBX and they are provisioned and ready to use.

There are a few other strong contenders in CPaaS, including RingCentral’s Connect Platform, Twilio Flex, Amazon Connect, and MessageBird. RingCentral always seems to come out on top when CPaaS up, likely due to an extensive library of APIs, the platform’s readiness for the cloud, and robust functionalities that make it clear as to why.


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