Zoom Kicks Off First Batch of App Investment

Tom Wright

Some 12 companies given first slice of $100m fund

Zoom Kicks Off First Batch of App Investment

Zoom has completed the first wave of investment as part of its app fund campaign.

The app fund is designed to seed growth among developers to create third-party apps that can be plugged into its meeting platform.

The first batch of investment has seen 12 companies receive financial backing from a $100m pot.

Colin Born, Head of Corporate Development at Zoom, said: “Building out a Venture Investing effort has allowed Zoom to bring an entirely new dimension of support to our developer ecosystem.

“Providing support around fundraising allows our app partners to focus more on innovation, which will increase the quality and variety of apps available to Zoom’s customers around the world”

“It is critical we drive the growth of solutions that meet the needs of our customers.”

The Zoom Developer Platform gives companies the tools and resources to build apps on top of Zoom’s meeting technology – including Meeting SDK, Video SDK and various APIs.

Zoom’s app marketplace currently has just under 60 apps available for users to plug in to their Zoom platform.

Zoom recently announced its first $1bn-revenue quarter, and also launched the Zoom Community, which holds resources and forums for Zoom users.



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