Discover Session Border Controllers (SBCs)

The market worth $528.4 million by 2022

Discover Session Border Controllers (SBCs)

For most companies, VoIP is the new standard in communications.

Voice over Internet Protocol is more convenient, reliable, and flexible than older methods of communication. However, like any technical evolution, it comes with challenges to consider. Most importantly, how are you going to maintain the security of your IP networks?

A Session Border Controller or SBC is a device issued in VoIP networks to ensure greater control over the media streams and signalling involved with conducting, establishing, and managing calls. SBCs enforce the quality of service for your conversations and maintain security too.

Not only are session border controllers like firewalls for VoIP, but they can also improve the quality of your conversations too.

What is a Session Border Controller?

SBCs are devices deployed in VoIP networks to provide companies with greater control over their media streams. The “Session” part of the term refers to the conversation between two parties. Sessions can include multiple media streams, including video, voice, and data.

The term “border” addresses the point of demarcation between various points in a network. For instance, at the edge of corporate networks, firewalls demarcates the local information from the rest of the internet. The role of the session border control is to help administrators to manage the safe and secure flow of information across borders.

The “controller” part of the acronym refers to the influence that this technology has on the streams of data in each session. These streams traverse borders between various parts of a network, providing access control, measurement, and data conversion opportunities for the connections they control.

SBCs are embedded within the media and signalling paths between calling parties in VoIP environments, usually through the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), MGCP, and H.323 protocols. In some cases, to hide network topology, SBCs terminate calls and initiate second branches of conversations to the destination party. This behaviour means that call information can be controlled via the SBC. In some cases, the SBC tech will simply modify the call control stream in each call.

Session Border Controller Trends

According to market research, the market for Session Border Control solutions is growing drastically, set to be worth more than $528.4 million by the end of 2022. This gives SBCs a CAGR of around 8.26%. According to experts, the biggest factor driving this growth is the increasing demand for secure corporate data.

SBCs specifically help enterprises to deploy UC more securely, quickly, and easily. Here are some of the trends that are leading the way for the SBC marketplace.

1.      Increased Focus on Security

The world today is obsessed with security and privacy. SBCs help enterprises to have more control over their VoIP environments. In a world where SIP attacks can occur from a wide variety of sources, impacting enterprise revenue and productivity, it’s more important than ever for companies to make sure that they have end-to-end control over their data.

SBCs can act like a firewall, protecting the UC network and ensuring that SIP sessions are defended as they move between non-secure and secure endpoints. As enterprises move into more advanced UC networks, their demands for call routing, security, interworking, and network management will drive the need for SBCs.

2.      Intelligent Control

SBCs don’t just make conversations on a VoIP network more secure; they can also ensure that every business has the optimal route to deliver a call to its final location. This call-routing process is becoming increasingly important in the age of customer experience. Intelligent call routing ensures that the right conversation reaches the correct person, to boost satisfaction and minimise expenses for enterprises.

The intelligent control that Session Border Controllers provide even allow for the better management of SIP communications through a host of devices. This gives companies more freedom to use the implementations that they need for an upgraded communication strategy.

3.      Demand for BYOD and BYOC solutions

Finally, as the workplace becomes more flexible and mobile, SIP communications traffic will continue to rise, with enterprise adopting BYOD strategies. The Bring Your Own Device trend will bring additional SIP smartphones, tablets, and other devices into the ecosystem, all of which need to be managed for end-to-end security. The right Session Border Controller solutions will be able to handle the growing traffic needs of transforming businesses and provide them with the tools that they need to support a changing workforce.

Increasingly, vendors are investing in SBC solutions that not only deliver security but also provide the scalability that companies need as they explore different components of their digital transformation roadmap.

Session Border Controller Statistics

Now that VoIP communication is more popular than ever, and companies of all shapes and sizes need a complete solution to manage the security and quality of their connections, the demand for SBCs will continue to grow. It’s no wonder that the market is expected to be worth an incredible $528.4 million by the end of 2022.

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