G3 Comms Earns Investment from Private Equity House

New funding supports growth strategy

G3 Comms Earns Investment from Private Equity House

Specialist communications adviser and integrator, G3 Comms recently announced that it had secured an investment from Apiary Capital, the private equity firm. G3 Comms has over 30 years of experience delivering business integration and global network strategies to various companies. The business also partners with a host of leading communication suppliers, including Avaya and Microsoft.

With the new investment from Apiary Capital, G3 Comms will be handing a majority stake to the private equity company to access follow-on funding that will allow the brand to accelerate its growth.

A New Growth Strategy

James Arnold Roberts

James Arnold Roberts

Specialising in support of UK companies on their digital transformation journeys, G3 Comms has a background in both cloud-based and legacy communication systems. The company can offer both hybrid communication estates and traditional environments via their managed service offering. What’s more, G3’s extensive infrastructure provides reliable global and data services to customers with advanced business connectivity requirements.

In recent years, G3 Comms has been investing heavily in its technical capabilities, particularly around unified communications. This has allowed the company to address a growing demand for collaboration, contact centre solutions, and communications. Additionally, investment in G3 Comms’ global infrastructure has been significant too – helping to expand the brand’s global impact.

According to the CEO of G3 Comms, James Arnold Roberts, the efforts of the G3 Comms team over the recent years have seen the business revenues and profits grow drastically. Now, the business is ready to move into their long-term strategy. The experience and support that Aviary can offer is critical to G3 Comms’ future growth.

Strengthening G3 Comms’ Future

According to Roberts, the G3 Comms brand has worked hard to achieve compelling partnerships with a host of technology leaders including Genesys, Microsoft, and Tata Communications. This ensures that the expertise that G3 Comms can offer meets with the diverse range of communications that modern businesses need. What’s more, the core skills that the company has in system integrations, tech support and deployment continues to provide a competitive advantage too. G3 Comms is particularly popular with businesses that need a simple transition into the cloud.

Recently, G3 Comms has won a number of valuable clients, including Thomas Cook and Volkswagen. Working with Apiary Capital will allow the business to ensure continued growth. G3 Comms has also built a platform that’s very well-placed to exploit the growing demand for service providers that can manage even the most complex corporate communication systems. With a full suite of tech services and comprehensive skills, G3 is in a good position for growth. According to Partner at Apiary Capital, Nicki Boyd, the private equity firm is thrilled to be involved with the G3 Comms team.


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