How Service Providers Can Rollout FMC Fast

Accelerating the path to fixed mobile convergence

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How Service Providers Can Rollout FMC Fast - UC Today News
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Published: November 16, 2023

Rebekah Carter

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are growing increasingly mobile. In part, this is due to the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices, combined with the rising demand for hybrid and remote work. However, mobility is also becoming crucial to ensuring companies can adhere to evolving customer expectations for speedy, around-the-clock service.

Fixed mobile convergence (FMC) is a crucial tool for unlocking business mobility. It allows employees to use a single phone number, regardless of their device or location. This ensures anyone can take or make business calls, from anywhere, without the need for a separate business device.

By 2031, some studies suggest the market for FMC will reach more than $15 billion. For service providers, this market represents an incredible opportunity to serve organizations embracing mobile innovation, new modes of work, and changing customer demands.

The challenge is figuring out how to deliver FMC solutions to companies at speed, without compromising on compliance, performance, or value.

Why Service Providers Should Embrace FMC

We’re living in a cloud-first mobile world, and enterprise companies must adapt. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) models are increasingly being deployed for both frontline and knowledge workers. Work from Anywhere strategies are accelerating the adoption of cloud and software solutions. All the while, consumers are demanding more consistent, reliable service.

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) helps businesses to adapt to the changes in the communication landscape, while overcoming key challenges. With the right tech, companies can empower employees anywhere, without compromising on privacy, security, and compliance strategies.

For UCaaS resellers, carriers, and service providers, an FMC service paves the way for:

  • Increased TAM: You can expand your TAM by introducing FMC and addressing the needs of multiple niches and business users.
  • Reduced margin pressure: FMC offers an opportunity to broaden your value proposition with an additional service, increasing stickiness and protecting margins.
  • Minimized customer churn: With more valuable services to offer, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and increase customer loyalty.
  • Delight customers: Access to quick and effective FMC solutions improves your chances of higher customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.

“Having an FMC component has been sighted by experts as being a crucial component in a post-pandemic world for businesses looking to support remote and disparate workforces. Our FMC product, Dstny Converge, helps Service Providers expand their proposition, letting them meet the increasing demand for mobility and flexibility. At Dstny, FMC is not new.

Mobility and being mobile first is part of our makeup. We have over 20 years of experience in the FMC field and we already power over 2.3 million mobile integrations. We also understand what it takes to work with Service Providers, which is why Dstny Converge is built to provide a quick time to market and a seamless e-commerce journey,” says Johan Dalstrom, CPO, Dstny for Service Providers.

How to Deliver FMC to Companies Quickly

While delivering FMC solutions to businesses can drive incredible value for service providers and carriers, it can be difficult to create, manage, and configure a solution in-house. To accelerate time to market, and drive rapid results for end users, providers need the right partner.

Selecting the right partner for your FMC needs means you can rapidly increase the value of your portfolio. However, there are some key factors to look for when choosing a solution:

  • UCaaS and PBX agnostic technology: Companies want to be able to continue using their existing investments, even when implementing innovative new tools. A UCaaS and PBX agnostic solution means companies can continue to access the devices they need.
  • Comprehensive connectivity: Effective FMC doesn’t just enable access to a centralized business number on any device. A truly powerful solution can combine everything from security, compliance, data capture, call recording and compliance in one service.
  • Global scalability: As businesses continue to evolve and scale, service providers and carriers should ensure their solutions can scale with them. Choosing a solution capable of global expansion, through public or private cloud infrastructure drives extra value for end users.
  • Minimal complexity: Delivering FMC at speed requires carriers to look for ways to minimize complexity. The right partner will make it easy to deliver solutions to end users, with automated end-user onboarding, a seamless ecommerce journey, and quick and simple SIM delivery and activation options.
  • True native mobility: An effective FMC solution will allow service providers to meet growing market needs for a mobile-first solution, without compromising on functionality. Ensure your service allows end-users to access fixed and mobile extensions as a single unit, simplifying adoption and growth.
  • Exceptional customer service: Support and guidance from an innovator in the FMC landscape can be extremely valuable to service providers. Selecting a reliable, trustworthy company, with a focus on serving your specific niche boosts your chances of creating an effective solution for end users.

Finding Your Path to FMC Services

Demand for FMC solutions from carriers and service providers has been growing at a consistent rate in recent years. The work anywhere trend, changing business compliance standards, and mobile innovation are all paving the way to new opportunities for service providers.

At the same time, rapid adoption of solutions like Microsoft Teams means service providers can even unlock additional value by offering an all-in-one communication solution built to work with the platforms companies already use.

Choosing the right fixed mobile convergence solution partner gives your organization a unique opportunity to access new revenue, and increase customer loyalty. For instance, the DSTNY Converge service is an all-in-one, UCaaS, PBX and MvNO agnostic solution for FMC.

This all-in-one solution gives carriers and channel resellers an opportunity to maximize the value of their communication offerings in a transforming market. The solution not only provides access to mobile connectivity on a global scale, but combines all of the UCaaS features of a solution to a user’s mobile device, boosting productivity.

Svanströms El & VVS used this service to address the challenge of handling a high volume of 24/7 service calls from customers. The Dstny Converge system and cloud-based technology enabled the company’s staff to take their phone number with them anywhere. Svanströms’s team had immediate access to ACD groups, number prioritization and more, making it easier to manage phone lines, and honor service level agreements.

Bringing FMC to Your Target Market

Demand for FMC solutions is unlikely to slow in the years ahead. Companies need to access solutions that enhance employee mobility, in a time when teams are becoming increasingly distributed. Service providers that incorporate FMC technologies into their portfolio can strengthen their position in existing markets, boosting loyalty with crucial clients.

At the same time, implementing FMC into your portfolio gives you an opportunity to take advantage of new and emerging business opportunities. When embracing the power of FMC for your organization, choose a trusted provider, capable of accelerating your go to market strategy.

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