Kakapo Systems Release Unity Mobile 2.0 for BroadSoft

Unity Mobile 2.0 has extended BroadSoft capabilities and features new push alerts and an improved UI

Kakapo Systems Release Unity Mobile 2.0 for BroadSoft

Since 2006, Kakapo Systems has developed unified communications and call center apps for BroadSoft service providers. With 13 years of experience in BroadSoft applications development, Kakapo Systems recently announced the release of Unity Mobile 2.0. As the mobile version of Unity Desktop, Unity Mobile 2.0 brings all the functionalities of its desktop counterpart to mobile devices.

The new Unity Mobile release further enables mobility for users, especially as the workforce becomes increasingly dispersed. Unity Mobile users can chat across all their devices and representatives can access customer and business contact information from their mobile device. To make calls, the app uses your smartphone’s native dialer, which provides a more reliable connection than WiFi or mobile data.

Steve Tutt, Marketing Director at Kakapo Systems said: 

“The reason we decided to design the app using the native dialer is that SIP client apps can be affected by connectivity issues that are outside of the user’s control. With Unity Mobile 2.0, calls can be made through the native dialer, which helps the user maintain a positive calling experience”

What’s new in Unity Mobile 2.0?

Tutt gave me a demo of Unity Mobile 2.0., and I was impressed with its extended capabilities. He said the latest version has an improved User Interface and push notifications that alert users of incoming calls and messages.

“We made some great changes to Unity Mobile this time around, which has full-BroadSoft capabilities. Version 2.0 has been changed to match our Windows Client UI, we also support push notifications to distinguish between personal and BroadSoft calls. On top of that, we’ve created a central directory where users can access customer records in CRM integrations like Salesforce. We even added a remote working solution for call center agents. This update really focuses on improving the user experience,” said Tutt.

For me, Unity Mobile 2.0’s most standout feature is ‘Pull Call,’ which lets individuals across an organization transfer calls from their cell phone to a VoIP phone system and vice versa. This might benefit power users who are constantly on the go, moving from one device to another.

London-based Kakapo Systems is taking flexibility and mobility to a new level with the release of Unity Mobile 2.0, especially as a growing number of employees participate in BYOD in the workplace.

Unity Mobile 2

Unity Mobile 2.0 – Active Call Window (left), Call and Chat Log (centre) and Contacts BLF – click to enlarge

If you’re a BroadSoft service provider and would like to learn more about Unity Mobile 2.0 and its latest capabilities, Kakapo Systems is hosting a free webinar for BroadSoft users:

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Time: 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm BST / 12 pm – 12:30 pm EST

Save your spot now!

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