Latest VOSS-4-UC Now Generally Available

Introducing the latest major release of VOSS-4-UC - V19.1.1

Latest VOSS-4-UC Now Generally Available

State-of-the-art unified communication platform providers, VOSS Solutions recently announced the general availability of their latest version of VOSS-4-UC. The new version 19.1.1 is the most recent major release of the VOSS tool for UC management, specialising in automation extension and the automation of dynamic communications.

Voss-4-UC version 19.1.1 was designed to highlight VOSS’ unwavering commitment to giving users the functionality and automation they need for better communication out of the box. V19.1.1 adds support for contact centre and auto attendant features, improvements to UX, and support for the latest versions of various UC applications.

Additional advancements to VOSS-4-UC have been made to give customers the opportunity to upgrade the value in their UC solutions and reduce operational costs, while meeting a range of changing business needs.

Exploring VOSS-4-UC V19.1.1

The new enhancements to the VOSS-4-UC solution have been supported by the company’s relationship with a diverse and ever-growing customer base. VOSS also benefits from an extensive in-house UC team, complete with a wide range of skills.

Highlights of the new VOSS solution include:

  • VOSS-4-UC automation extension: Interactions with its customers led VOSS to discover that automation is a growing requirement for businesses of many shapes and sizes. The integrated out-of-the-box automation available from VOSS-4-UC is going one step further with the new version, incorporating an extensive set of team management and contact centre agent support solutions. Fully-managed auto attendant is available within the VOSS-4-UC admin portals
  • VOSS-4-UC integrated service management: The service management capabilities of VOSS-4-UC need extend to various components of service delivery, including role-based access control, billing and more. Pre-integrated services boost the agility of the VOSS-4-UC platform and make it easier to automat tasks in a range of systems
  • Support for the latest UC applications: VOSS-4-UC version 19.1.1 supports the latest updates to UC applications, including Cisco 12.5 UC and Webex Teams support, Microsoft Teams support, and more. VOSS-4-UC makes it easier to deliver the latest UC capabilities and applications to their user base with speed
  • Improved usability: VOSS wants to make it as easy as possible for customers to access the advantages of VOSS-4-UC. The company has expanded their business administration portal to deliver a more impressive user interface. This will boost efficiency, while reducing the barrier to entry for many business tasks. The Intuitive business admin portal, along with a host of customisation options should reduce training needs significantly

An Exciting Step Forward for VOSS

Bill Dellara

Bill Dellara

According to the VP of Product for VOSS Solutions, Bill Dellara, the company is very excited about the new functionality and features that are coming with the latest version of VOSS-4-UC.

Version 19.1.1 has the potential to deliver a range of incredible benefits to customers. The recent updates have been informed and driven by VOSS’ deep relationship with their customers.

VOSS’ ability to deliver the solutions that their users need accurately and rapidly is helping them to stay ahead of the competition in today’s UC environment.


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