Nextiva Brings Team and Customer Communication Together

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Team collaboration and customer communication has been combined by Nextiva

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Nextiva Brings Team and Customer Communication Together

Nextiva has brought together team collaboration and customer communication with a new workhub app.

The software allows users to manage all their conversations from a single place, meaning they won’t have to change platforms for different tasks.

Users can communicate via voice messages, text messages, email or video meetings, with contact management, productivity tools and customer engagement tools all built into the software.

Nextiva says that the app addresses things such as application overload, siloed data and expensive integrations for other platforms.

Tomas Gorny, Co-founder and CEO of Nextiva, said: “We subscribe to the fundamental belief that when people are given the right tools, they can do ‘Amazing’ things and accomplish their business dreams. This belief drives everything we do. 

“From the beginning, Nextiva’s vision has been to power human connections because conversations are the beating heart of every business.

“With our latest innovation, we’re helping businesses transform with meaningful conversations that build strong and lasting relationships with customers.

“Our goal is to help businesses bring an end to frustrated teams and unhappy customers so they can grow, retain employees and acquire new customers.

We at Nextiva envision a world where instead of focusing on various tools, we bring conversations together into a single place and merge technologies to create a seamless experience that puts customers and teams first.” 

According to Nextiva, the software is the first of its kind and aims to boost employee productivity and customer engagement.

The software company says the app was designed from the ground up with both business users and their customers in mind.

Users can share files, messages, links, notes, attachments and recordings without leaving the application.

The workhub app is the latest software to be released by Nextiva, who launched a contact centre offering in July 2021.

The Nextiva Contact Centre CCaaS solution, integrated with the Nextiva phone system, enables companies to connect with customers in an omnichannel environment.

Last year, Goldman Sachs invested $200m into Nextiva to “accelerate its vision” of connecting businesses’ comms, customer management and business intelligence.

At the time, Nextiva said its aim was to reduce the number of communication and collaboration applications businesses use, claiming that the average company uses between 15 and 25 apps.



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