Panasonic KX-NSX1000 Review – An IP-PBX Which Follows Where the User Goes

Panasonic KX-NSX1000 Phone System Review

Panasonic KX-NSX1000 Review – An IP-PBX Which Follows Where the User Goes

Ever since it first emerged on the scene, IP telephony has always flaunted a number of well-documented advantages over PSTN systems.

Easier to install and maintain, easier to scale up as a business grows, easier to manage from a GUI – plus, of course, the small matter of undercutting the per call toll charges levied by traditional landline providers, especially on long distance and international calls.

And as rapid advancements in digital technology have driven changes in how businesses operate and organise themselves, VoIP has been able to evolve in tandem. The development of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has allowed other communications media, such as video and text, to be integrated with voice, ushering in the era of Unified Communications.

As mobile technology has allowed for more flexible working patterns, empowering people to collaborate just as productively from remote locations as they would be able to do from the same office, IP-PBX systems have embraced that too, creating single network solutions for office and mobile communications.

This was very much where Panasonic was aiming when it developed the KX-NSX1000 – complete flexibility for the modern workplace. One of several on premises IP-PBX servers manufactured by the Japanese electronics giant, the KX-NSX1000 is marketed as a ‘next generation’ business communications solution.

Central to this claim is the idea that the KX-NSX1000 switches the emphasis of a communications system away from the network or even the devices used, putting the user at the centre of everything. Wherever the individual worker operates from, whatever device they use, whatever the communication demands of their job role, Panasonic claims the KX-NSX1000 offers the same functionality, the same access to core UC features, the same phone number and network identity.

In this review, we will unpick exactly what that means in practice, what the KX-NSX1000 is capable of, and who is likely to get the most out of it. As always, please remember that our reviews are solely the opinion of the author and are produced to provide information to our readers only. UC Today provides a completely independent service to the UC industry and is not involved in endorsing, promoting or selling any products.

What Can It Do?

The KX-NSX1000 is an IP-PBX server shipped in a 17” black chassis (full dimensions: 430mm x 88mm x 340mm). It supports SIP and IP networking protocols and can be deployed both as a standalone unit and as part of a multisite server network.

It can be stacked with a number of other Panasonic PBX servers, both on the same premises (for example, to provide integration with legacy analogue and digital PBX systems) and remotely via an IP network.

Each unit offers integrated UC functions with up to 24 ports per unit, direct support for up to 1000 SIP extensions and 256 SIP trunks. These can be spread out over a maximum of 32 sites, with the ability to manage the entire network from a single PC, eliminating the need for administrators at every site.

With a host of PBX and UC software applications installed and available through a modular licensing system, the KX-NSX1000 is intended for a wide range of communications uses, including operating as a straightforward standalone office PBX; a contact or call centre solution; a management and analytics system or as a means to integrate remote branches and mobile endpoints into a single network.

It offers all of the standard business telephony features you would expect from an IP-PBX and supports a wide range of Panasonic endpoints, including the KX-NT500 series and KX-HDV IP phones, plus the KX-TCA DECT range.

A key feature of the system is that it enables users to operate multiple devices over the same extension. The Multi-Cell DECT System allows for seamless switching between desktop and wireless handsets, meaning you can be mobile around the office as you handle a call. Employees who operate at more than one site can register the same phone number on different devices, and mobile integration means a direct call will be received simultaneously on a desktop phone and your mobile. If you want to make a call from your mobile via the office network, you can use a dedicated SIP softphone app without incurring any mobile call costs.

On the flipside of this, the Smart Desk feature uses a login system to allow multiple users to share the same extension, ideal for hot desking and businesses which operate shift patterns.

All of this is managed via the Panasonic UC Pro software platform. Compatible with Windows and Mac, and with Android and iOS equivalents, UC Pro is the nerve centre which allows users to register and use different devices on the same account, access the network remotely via a web connection, and share endpoints in the office with a login system.

UC Pro is also a fully integrated UC application suite offering voice and video via WebRTC, IM, presence and contact directory direct from the desktop or mobile GUI. There is easy integration with Microsoft Outlook contacts directory and Exchange calendar, plus an automatic call logging and directory system.

Finally, the KX-NSX1000 also has a call centre solution available, which includes automated voice guidance for customers, auto recording and data backup, and live supervisor monitoring.

What do we like?

With multisite SIP trunking support and centralised management, the KX-NSX1000 offers a great range of flexible, low cost solutions for creating and managing networks across multiple branches. In addition, the Multi Device integration options provide excellent support for remote and flexible working, taking the comms network with the user.

The KX-NSX1000 also scores highly on reliability and the backup and maintenance systems in place. Each server will switch to standalone mode in the event of a failure in a networked system, ensuring critical communications functions are maintained. There is also an automatic backup system using a secondary support unit, and scope for remote system maintenance via the Panasonic KMS server or cloud.

Who is it for?

With flexible options for creating and controlling networks across several sites, and capacity for up to 1000 users, the KX-NSX1000 sits comfortably in the middle market. It offers a cost effective solution for a range of use scenarios, from cutting call costs by introducing SIP networks to running a call centre. Features such as Multi Device and mobile integration will appeal to businesses embracing flexible and remote working patterns.

What is it compatible with?

The UC Pro application suite provides ready integration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, meaning you can use the communication tools with Outlook contacts and synchronise scheduling and planning with Calendar. It also supports Lotus and Datasource.

How much does it cost?

Most UK resellers list the RRP for the main unit only in and around the £1700 mark, with most offering reduction of £200 – £300 on that. However, the KX-NSX1000 is a modular communications system, so you pay extra for user licenses and features.

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UC Today Opinion

If flexibility is the key to success in modern business communications, the Panasonic KX-NSX1000 scores highly. With a wide range of deployment options across single or multiple sites, a comprehensive suite of UC features covering everything from personal messaging to call centre management, and the ability to support flexible and remote working with multiple device and mobile integration, the KX-NSX100 has most bases covered for what the modern midmarket business might require.

The modular licensing system means each client can tailor the KX-NSX1000 to meet its own specific needs, while installation, configuration and maintenance are straightforward and well supported. This makes scaling up the system to suit growing businesses easy and cost effective, whether that involves adding new endpoints in the office or connecting extra mobile devices, or linking in with an entirely new branch.

Do you use the KX-NSX1000 in your business? Or are you a reseller? What are your experiences with it, what do your customers have to say? We would love to read your opinions, so please add your comments in the section below. And if you have friends or colleagues who might be interested, please share this article with them on social media

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AvatarPaul H 01:07, 11 Jul 2018

Paul, we are a reseller of the NSX / NS line of Panasonic products.
For cost comparisons I think you should look into the “ultimate activation key” available on the NSX.
This AK includes everything you could possibly need on the NSX and the only additional AK’s that you would need to purchase is for SIP Conference Units, UC Pro or the newly introduced mobile softphone. Mobile softphone app available on Google play or Apple app store
NS series requires licensing for anything and everything

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