Combining AI and UC Service Management

Discussing intelligent opportunities with Swoop Datacom

Combining AI and UC Service Management

Artificial intelligence is no longer the concept of the future.

In the communication and collaboration space, companies are becoming increasingly reliant upon the opportunities that AI can offer. Not only do intelligent systems allow us to unlock deeper insights into our customers and employees, but they can also provide us a better overview of how systems and processes work too.

Swoop Datacom, the innovators behind the multi-tier IP device provisioning and UC service management platform, ForgeServe, have been at the bleeding edge of the SM space for several years now. The company has been giving resellers, distributors, and service providers the complete life-cycle management opportunity they needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Now that 41% of enterprises say that they’re planning to use AI in their UC applications by the end of this year, Swoop Datacom are ready to get ahead of the curve once again.

I spoke to CEO of Swoop Datacom, John Bennett, to discuss how his company is now introducing AI solutions into the management of crucial processes.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Interact with Service Management?

John Bennett

John Bennett

We’ve already seen what intelligent solutions can do in many parts of the UC environment. For collaboration purposes, it helps to keeps employees connected and improves the efficiency of meetings. In the contact centre, AI ensures that agents get the context they need to deliver more immersive experiences. But, how does AI contribute to service management?

John told me that the focus is on giving people the data that they need to create more intelligent systems and processes throughout their organisations. For AI to be truly powerful in any environment, it needs the right information.

“For instance, companies that can access data from third-party devices can discover how their organisations are really operating. They can look into their cloud platform and find out how meeting rooms are being used via tracking information in a camera. They can unveil the trends of what’s happening with their collaboration spaces and huddle rooms. This means that business leaders can see what they need to do to help their employees operate better.”

What are the Benefits of AI in Service Management?

Using artificial intelligence in the service management space isn’t just about giving people the right information; it’s also about using that data accordingly. For instance, Bennett noted that finding issues with devices in real-time also means that companies can use intelligent solutions to ensure those problems are fixed fast. “The first major benefit of AI in service management is a more reliable service, better uptime, and fewer issues for companies to deal with.”

The services that Swoop Datacom will be providing going forward will automatically perform tasks that will enhance quality of service for customers and deliver stronger user experiences.

“Across a multi-vendor estate, we’ll be able to offer clever back-office processes that give companies a more granular view of what’s going on in real-time with their systems”

Not only that, but Swoop Datacom isn’t taking a one-size-fits-all approach either. They’re working on classifying where they can host their services to suit their users too. This means taking a hybrid, on-premises and cloud approach – depending on what customers need. By providing a range of options, Swoop will ensure that companies have the power to move the cloud as and when they want to.

“With Hybrid, you’ll be able to see your data and access it remotely when you need to, but store everything securely in your own environment too. After all, data today needs to be secure, but also readily available, local, and easy to access when necessary too.”

Bringing the Enterprise Ideal to Everyone

Through artificial intelligence and a comprehensive service management solution, Swoop Datacom wants to give companies of all sizes better access to their business information. They believe that this will give organisations what they need to evolve in a changing marketplace. “We’re taking technology that’s been an enterprise ideal for a while now, and we’re going to make it work for every level of the market. It will work just as well for massive enterprise rollouts, as it does for home-office environments.”

Swoop is making next-level service management more affordable and accessible to the masses because they believe that enhanced SM is the future.

“We’ve always been at the bleeding edge of this industry, and we’ll continue to invest in the things that our customers need, including artificial intelligence and disruptive technology”


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