Enabling Resellers of the Microsoft Voice Portfolio

Empowering Microsoft partners to enable Skype for Business & Office 365 voice services

Enabling Resellers of the Microsoft Voice Portfolio

ForgeServe has been the key to deploying 1000’s of devices with Microsoft voice product and Microsoft support is a major focus for Swoop Datacom’s development of this revolutionary product. For many Microsoft partners ongoing management of devices within Microsoft voice supported deployments has been an ongoing challenge in terms of both speed of deployment and complexity. Swoop Datacom are able to provide the tools to meet this key requirement. Microsoft channel partners and end users can manage deployment and maintenance of their voice eco-system operating with a single pain of glass view into their end points. This revolutionary approach has already proven to speed up migrations to Skype for Business from other voice services, as well as support rapid rollout of new deployment. 1000’s of devices have been provisioned through ForgeServe to Skype for Business and Office 365 with minimal training, and these Microsoft partners and their customers now operate as a fully self-sufficient network with a seamless device and Microsoft call control platform deployment.

“We have been impressed by the greater speed and efficiency achieved through the use of ForgeServe. Our recent deployment across our regional markets in Europe, the US and Canada has had nothing but positive feedback. This additional Microsoft support will undoubtedly reinforce our position across the UCC market,” observed Philippe Carlier, Global Supply Chain Services Director at Westcon-Comstor.

It’s clear that Microsoft have earned their seat at the table as a communications platform provider but deployment efficiency and simplicity has been hindering their voice license activations boom, that is without question poised to be a huge success in the very near future. Whether it be Skype for Business, Office 365 or Teams, the vast majority of Microsoft partners have still to jump with both feet into Microsoft supported voice products and actively promote their voice portfolio confidently. Whilst the select few Microsoft early adopters dominate this market and excel, even cleaning up in the enterprise space.

The migration into SIP-based telephony is more often than not daunting for a traditional telecoms-based business and possibly more so for a Microsoft partner specialising in Microsoft software specific applications without any experience in telephony. SIP in general is a very young in the grand scheme of the established telecommunications market and whilst is it widely accepted as the future there is a huge gap in this fast growing market with so many manufacturers of IP devices working independently. A proprietary system is designed to be seamless, a harmony between hardware and software all designed to work in sync. SIP on the other hand is a pick and mix of great products and capabilities, all fantastic in their own right but entirely segregated. How do we then bring SIP hardware and software together to work as seamlessly as proprietary product would and empower the Microsoft partners with a rapid deployment and ongoing lifecycle management solution?

This is the solution provide by the single pane of glass solution implemented within ForgeServe. As a cloud product the service is able to scale endlessly and deploy an infinite number of devices which will be remote managed by the service whilst in-life whilst the call control is handled by Microsoft’s platform. Features such as remote access to the device anywhere in the world from the cloud, remote reboot and factory reset as well as comprehensive network metrics makes ForgeServe the go to product for Microsoft partners to reduce OPEX in deployment and maintenance of voice eco-systems.

The service is available through selected value-added distributors in region, purchased with any Polycom, Yealink or AudioCodes Microsoft 3PIP supported device and globally available through Westcon-Comstor.


About Swoop Datacom Ltd
Swoop Datacom are the developers of ForgeServe, the award winning, multi-tier, vendor agnostic device provisioning and life-cycle management platform. The cloud based SaaS simplifies complex technology and processes whilst unlocking best of breed solutions. Empowering voice eco-system distributors and resellers with a toolbox of deployment, maintenance and support features giving vendors a clear edge over their competition. The cutting-edge features delivered through the intuitive UI allow any compatible IP device to be deployed and provisioned to any chosen call control platform and further maintained whilst in their in-life state. Delivered through the distribution channel and nurturing long term customer retention, by allowing organisations to easily adopt the latest IP technologies. Bridging the gap between traditional telecoms and IP based SIP technology adoption.

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