Envoy + Microsoft and Azure AD are Now a Reality

Taking office service management to next level, Envoy announces new integrations

Envoy + Microsoft and Azure AD are Now a Reality

Envoy tackles everything from visitor to delivery management, all from an iPad. For companies that receive deliveries, a backlog of packages can happen easily, leading to a mass of clutter. Offices with visitors have a particular security challenge, as foot traffic can lead to unknown visitors.

Envoy works to bring more security to this process, as well as augment compliance by letting visitors enter their details and sign screening as well as legal documents from an iPad. Envoy then automatically alerts the necessary staff member of their guest’s arrival, which is especially great for any business or organization that sees a lot of visitors on a regular basis.

Envoy launches Teams & Azure AD Integrations

Envoy recently announced plans to bring more clarity to meetings. The Envoy + Microsoft Teams integration automatically sends a notification to hosts in Teams when visitors enter the digital meeting space. Envoy’s Microsoft Azure AD integration enables organizations to easily sync employee directories to Envoy, so all employees can host guests.

According to the company, these integrations are the first of many to come. Next quarter, they plan to debut an Outlook integration that lets employees create Envoy invites directly from Outlook calendar invites. Such capabilities empower workers to focus less on scheduling meetings, which can be a tedious task. They eliminate the unnecessary toggling between platforms to complete a single action.

Larry Gadea, Envoy CEO and Founder told UC Today:

“Envoy and Microsoft both see a future where workplaces are connected and empower teams to accomplish meaningful work”

“These new integrations between Envoy and Microsoft are the first in a series that make it simple to welcome guests into workplaces, creating a more delightful experience for visitors and employees alike. We’re thrilled to partner with a leader like Microsoft on our mission to make workplaces work better.”

Next-level Service Management

Because it facilitates office arrival notifications, delivery reminders, and expected visitor alerts, Envoy is a different kind of service management platform. It addresses the challenge of productivity and gives employees more time to prepare a better office experience for visitors of all backgrounds. It is this kind of encounter that can mean the difference between a positive and a negative experience. You can think of it as profit lost over potential profit earned.

The Temkin Group found a good customer experience means customers spend more money with your business and 86 percent of buyers are willing to pay more if they know they’ll receive excellent customer service. Sixty-five percent of buyers said they found a positive experience with a brand more influential than ‘great advertisements, demonstrating the vigor of CX.

Automation is not just the future, it is the present, and it should be intuitive in practice. Envoy has integrations with Slack, G Suite Directory, Active Directory, Skype for business, Cisco Meraki, and Box, which permit everything from sending visitor alerts to giving visitors secure access to WiFi, making it a model for automation made simple that also works to increase employee productivity.


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