ForgeServe Review: Under the Hood of IP Endpoint Management & Support

How ForgeServe delivers a solution for fully-managed IP product services

ForgeServe Review: Under the Hood of IP Endpoint Management & Support

Experts in the world of IP endpoint management, Swoop Datacom recently introduced their comprehensive lifecycle management service “ForgeServe”. This unique system provides resellers, distributors, and service providers with the end-to-end lifecycle management services they need to minimise operating expenses and increase margins when implementing IP endpoints.

As agility emerges as the key to success in today’s quickly-transforming digital world, ForgeServe offers a powerful and intuitive way to provision and manage IP devices. With a state-of-the-art zero-touch approach to setup, ForgeServe could be the perfect solution for those who need more innovative deployments within the UC industry.

To help you learn a little more about Swoop Datacom’s answer to the end of “Plug and Pray”, we’ve put together this guide into the major features and benefits of the ForgeServe solution.

The Key Features of ForgeServe

ForgeServe is designed to help service providers support their customers with a rich and personalised IP management experience. With a host of compatible endpoints to choose from, Swoop Datacom ensures that service providers can offer bespoke UC solutions for their customers. What’s more, you get to manage everything from a simple single-pane-of-glass interface. The primary features of the solution include:

  • Centralised platform-wide configuration
  • Simple “GUI” (Graphical User Interface) for creating, monitoring and modifying IP devices
  • Complete visibility over devices in a multi-tier environment
  • Visual representations of deployment and service status
  • Secure mutual certificate authentication
  • TLS point-to-point support at a device level
  • Real-time critical service information
  • Automated device redirection services
  • Integrated scheduling with triggering features
  • Bespoke “APIs” for custom ITSP processes
  • Automatic failover support using AWS and automatic server backup
  • Geo-tag location tracking
  • Remote firmware upgrades

ForgeServe Connect, Engage and Acquire

Billed as a strategy to help resellers become super-efficient in IP provisioning and lifecycle management, ForgeServe provides unique insights into the cradle-to-grave IP experience. The system focuses on three over-arching management capabilities, including:

  • ForgeServe Connect: ForgeServe Connect is the IP Provisioning part of the system designed to offer easy migration between providers, remote firmware upgrades, and real-time device support. ForgeServe packages come with the CONNECT provisioning license built-in to help streamline sales
  • ForgeServe Engage: The device management aspect of ForgeServe comes under the “ENGAGE” banner. ForgeServe includes a rich selection of resources for advanced security and device control. Users can automatically locate and claim devices in a system, then enjoy comprehensive management with remote access
  • ForgeServe Acquire: Finally, the ForgeServe logistics engine helps resellers to create more customised customer experiences with seamless order and logistics capability to their customers with the self-service shopping cart facility

Who is ForgeServe for?

ForgeServe by Swoop Datacom allows IT support staff, system integrators, and resellers to create their own custom end-to-end service offering for end-users. As customer experience becomes the most crucial aspect of business success, ForgeServe delivers a solution for fully-managed IP product services. Everything from QoS support to product monitoring is handled from a single user interface.

Because ForgeServe is based on the cloud, it can be accessed and deployed within seconds. Even the most complex device configurations can be easily connected to call control platforms, for the advanced creation of UCaaS environments.

ForgeServe is ideal for anyone who wants to improve customer satisfaction while reducing OpEX and long-term costs.

ForgeServe Favourites

With a logistics engine, device management system, and provisioning service all bundled into one, ForgeServe provides a comprehensive method for managing any communication endpoint. For today’s resellers, this service could be the key to differentiating themselves in a competitive marketplace. Some of our favourite features include:

Simple Zero-touch Deployment:

ForgeServe is a fundamentally simple and innovative database packed full of useful templates that help with the configuration of endpoint devices. It’s available to deploy with or without phone hardware, and because it’s already on the cloud, resellers and service providers can offer bespoke lifecycle services for their customers, without changing the existing network. Users can enjoy:

  • API direct import automation
  • Uniform interfaces for service and device settings
  • Comprehensive device implementation and management features
  • Modules that work either in integrated suites or on an independent basis
  • Zero-touch provisioning

Flexible and Scalable:

Forget the hassle of complicated implementation issues. ForgeServe offers a range of manual and automated provisioning services, perfect for making IP endpoint management simple. As end-users continue to grow and scale, resellers can evolve with them, offering simplicity with:

  • Remote reset, reboot and device access
  • HTTPS secure data transfer
  • Easy-to-use real-world templates

Multi-Vendor Management and Provisioning:

Swoop Datacom knows that if you want to get ahead in today’s UC world, you must play well with others. ForgeServe works seamlessly with a huge range of devices and endpoints, taking an agnostic approach to vendors, so users can have the secure solution they’re looking for with Cisco, Polycom, Obihai, Yealink, Htek, Audiocodes, Grandstream, Snom, Fanvil and many more coming soon.

The Same Universal Interface for Every Device:

Not only is ForgeServe designed to work with a range of different devices, but it also offers users the same simple UI regardless of what technology they’re using. The system comes with a “search and find” capability for devices that have been recently deployed, which makes provisioning as easy as possible for distributors and resellers. Swoop Datacom have included everything you need for an easy end-to-end experience, including:

  • Cross-platform architecture
  • Amazon AWS global deployment
  • Bespoke “choose-your-own-deployment” implementation

Leverage Next-Level Logistics:

ForgeServe’s device management and provisioning tools work alongside the Logistics engine to give resellers, service providers, and distributors a comprehensive way to manage diverse endpoints. There’s even a “Live Status Tracking” feature that helps ForgeServe users to improve their customer service, and fix endpoint issues quickly.

State of the Art Security:

ForgeServe comes readily-equipped with a selection of advanced security features, including SSL mutual client authentication, device identity validation to protect against fraud, and transaction encryption. You can even tap into support for the platform UNITE tool and create secure activation keys too!

Remote Access:

Finally, ForgeServe ensures that today’s resellers and distributors don’t need to travel to customer locations to offer IP device support. Remote access is available within the ForgeServe application, so technicians can fix problems from a distance with factor resets and reboots pushed easily from the cloud. Log files and device metrics are centrally uploaded to the service so you can easily troubleshoot issues without the need for the end user to send you device logs.

Our Finishing Thoughts on ForgeServe

ForgeServe by Swoop Datacom was designed by specialists in the SIP environment to prove that IP provisioning and endpoint management doesn’t have to be complicated. As the marketplace continues to evolve at a rapid pace, ForgeServe gives resellers and end-users the versatility and agility they need to transform according to current trends.

This vendor-agnostic service gives enterprise customers the freedom to choose the UC solution that works best for them, while also ensuring that resellers and distributors can enjoy a simple multi-site, multi-tenant set-up within seconds. If you’re a reseller looking for an opportunity to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, or you simply want an easy way to manage your IP endpoints, then ForgeServe could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Have any questions about ForgeServe that weren’t covered in the review? Are there any experiences with this product you wish to share with others? Want to know more about the listed features? If so, please feel free to submit your comments to the section below and communicate with our other readers.


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