Introducing VOSS M2UC Migration Software

The latest generation of UC migration support

Introducing VOSS M2UC Migration Software

VOSS solutions, a company that offers immersive unified communication management tools and strategies to reduce UC costs, recently announced the general availability of a new migration software. The VOSS M2UC offering, available to Service Providers and enterprise organisations, provides a simple and straightforward way to migrate legacy telephony systems to the latest UC offerings.

VOSS M2UC offers a sophisticated migration engine using revolutionary tools to extract, discover, transform, and validate large numbers of users, UC services, and devices. This enables organisations from all backgrounds to efficiently and quickly move their communication services into a new environment. By introducing high-level automation for the migration lifecycle, M2UC handles complicated and large-scale data sets, as well as introducing transformation rules to reduce dependency on manual procedures and disjointed mechanisms.

The M2UC Migration Experience

Designed to provide safe, seamless, and efficient migrations for today’s businesses, VOSS M2UC offers a range of new features to organisations, helping them to manage a range of complicated migration strategies, including:

  • Project containers that allow teams to manage multiple migration projects easily using a single M2UC installation
  • Flexible data schema design using PostgreSQL v10 and a new JSONB database for hyper-fast data processing, searching, improved storage, and a reliable blend of dynamic and SQL schema management
  • New tool/ rules framework for full flexibility for the transforming and mapping of fields as part of the process for migration, with full automation to eliminate errors
  • Improved error handling and batching with the ability to diagnose issues and provide rollback opportunities if required, adjusting the scheduling and delivery of new UC technology
  • A user-friendly interface that allows new users to get up to speed quickly and unlock the benefits of the solution fast

Making Migration Simple

According to the VP of Operations Strategy at VOSS, Henry Barton (pictured above), the company is very proud of the powerful performance of M2UC, and the value it brings today’s customers. The latest generation of migration technology from VOSS addresses the complexity of the UC migration process and offers a range of advantages to today’s companies.

M2UC offers a robust and controlled experience with faster time to benefit, and high levels of automation to support better confident and accuracy. Additionally, the M2UC offering improves efficiency and reduces demand on internal technical resources, reducing risk with a predictable rules-based migration.

M2UC users also benefit from a reduced risk of outages caused by errors and data security problems and facilitate planning with deep data reviews and analysis to suit a range of requirements. Early customers using the service have all seen benefits like faster migration rates, reductions in risk, and lower chances of project delays.


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