IP Phone Security: Dealing With the Complexity of Choice

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IP Phone Security: Dealing With the Complexity of Choice

In a world where companies are no longer willing to settle for a one-size-fits-all solution for their communication and collaboration strategy, the demand for flexibility is on the rise. While a flexible technology stack has a multitude of benefits to offer, it also presents some significant challenges too. After all, there are risks associated with choice and a diverse tech landscape. Multiple vendors and tools within your stack are harder to manage from a security and privacy perspective, making solutions like service management increasingly essential.

I got in touch with the developers of ForgeServe, an award-winning device provisioning and management platform, Swoop Datacom, to learn more about the changing landscape. Here’s what the CEO, John Bennett, told me about the challenges that companies need to manage today.

What Are The Challenges Customers are Facing Now?

John Bennett

John Bennett

According to John, Data security is a very significant issue for businesses today. Currently, Swoop is looking at how customers are setting up their devices. In an increasingly mobile environment, there is a lot of information on devices that organisations don’t want criminals to get their hands on. “If any of the information is outside of the customer’s network and transferred through the internet, it can be problematic. Hackers are becoming increasingly more intelligent about how they access data. We want to give companies a way to verify information and its validity.”

Unfortunately, there is a multitude of problems for companies to face today. Lots of resellers and service providers are passing information around that isn’t encrypted, which leads to issues like toll fraud and other issues. Additionally, many companies don’t fully know what their security should look like. Everyone has their own plan or strategy. “Sometimes, companies have different policies for the different manufacturers that they’re working with. We’re implementing a single security process for all the devices a company uses so that you can have the same coverage and policies everywhere.”

How Valuable is Service Management?

I asked John Bennett how valuable service management is in this changing landscape. They told me that security is just one piece of the puzzle, but it should also be the first port of call.

“We’re focused on implementing the highest levels of security for customers, so we can make sure that all of their devices are covered by our service wrap. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure that everyone we work with is authenticated and safe”

“All of the vendors that we support have secure processes in place. If there is a device that isn’t secure or doesn’t pass our protocols, we don’t support it. Everything we work with has been tested, and our policies are implemented carefully across the board. We use public IP addresses to check that calls are coming from the right location and so on.”

The issue today is that people only need to face a single data breach, and they will lose a huge number of customers. It’s not just the impact on your software. Enterprise customers are very conscious about the security that they get with their systems today. According to Bennett, “Having the right security system in place is critical for protecting your reputation and your future.”

How is Security Built into the ForgeServe Platform?

I was keen to determine how ForgeServe has the right layers of security in place for today’s users. John told me that there are safety measures built into all aspects of the technologies. The methodologies of the company change regularly depending on manufacturer needs and specifications. “If something new is released, we can upgrade our security systems as we go, and we also encourage manufacturers to follow the highest standards too.”

According to Bennett, companies currently have provisioning methodologies and security strategies in place that don’t cater to the new evolutions in the marketplace. People aren’t fully prepared for how data is transferred now, and they might not realise that some of their data isn’t protected or encrypted.

“Fortunately, we ask companies to come and speak to us about their requirements, so we can help to improve their situation, free of charge”

It’s not just about security for companies right now; it’s about privacy and compliance too. Lots of legacy devices don’t have the right security in place either. As well as new devices, companies need to think about how their legacy systems are protected.

Why is Secure Service Management so Important?

Bennett told me that security is the first port of call for Swoop Datacom when they’re building their technology. However, it’s also the most important avenue for them to consider too. Companies everywhere need to think about the tech that they’re implementing for tomorrow, and the tools that they’ve been building on over the years too. “You need to make sure that you’re covered on both bases. If service providers and resellers can show their customers that they’re enforcing the right policies and supporting them, they benefit from less churn too.”

The demand for this higher level of security and support is particularly important now, when there’s such a mixed bag of platforms out there, and many of them don’t necessarily come with a solution that allows for comprehensive service management. Updating and managing phones and other tools in the business landscape is still a very complicated process. “Our solution is designed to make operational processes much easier for the users. Now we have devices connected to 42 different brands of call control platforms. There are so many different flavours of connectivity out there now. People need more control in this choice-driven landscape.”

If you’re concerned about the security of your live devices, then reach out to Swoop Datacom and request a free process review and best practice advice.


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