Porrima Tariff Analyser Review: Putting Value at the Heart of Service

Read our Porrima Tariff Analyser review

Porrima Tariff Analyser Review: Putting Value at the Heart of Service

Wherever you sit in the telecommunications channel, every vendor and service provider knows that two factors stand out above all others in driving customer choices – quality of service and value.

The smartest businesses are able to use these two qualities to feed into one another. For example, end users greatly appreciate any help to find the best value deal. Whether you are talking Mobile tariff options or Fixed Line solutions, sincere efforts to save the customer money are viewed as evidence of great service.

Porrima Tariff Analyser

Porrima’s Tariff Analyser helps phone service providers find the best value tariffs and plans for customers.

This is the business Porrima is in with its Tariff Analyser platform. The Tariff Analyser is designed to help mobile and fixed line telecoms providers demonstrate outstanding customer service by finding ways to save money on monthly costs – and in doing so, identify the best suited package for each client.

Aimed at both new and existing customers, Porrima sets out a straightforward rationale for what the Tariff Analyser can do for business telecoms providers. By providing detailed and comprehensive analysis of phone usage, with recommendations for which plans suit the needs of each client, Porrima claims its reports help convert more prospects and retain existing customers.

In this review, we will look under the lid at the tools Porrima uses to evaluate the cost effectiveness of a telecoms service, how the service is packaged, and what its recommendations look like from the end user’s perspective.

What Can It Do?

Porrima offers its Tariff Analyser as an all-in service. In a nutshell, clients send the bills they want to to be analysed together with details of the subscription plans they offer, and Porrima will use these to generate a detailed report.

Clients have a range of options for how they submit billing information to Porrima, and in what format. If you prefer the old ways, paper bills can simply be posted, and Porrima will do the donkey work inputting everything into their system. Alternatively, CSV/Excel or PDF digital files can be emailed, or if the files are too large, sent by post on a disk or flash drive. Porrima can also work with bills directly from a customer’s web portal, providing the client is happy to provide access.

Tariff Analyser AdvertReports are generally turned around in between 48 and 72 hours, although Porrima makes the disclaimer that this may be longer if paper bills are sent to account for the inputting work that needs doing. Porrima have also stated that they can turn reports around more quickly if requested. All reports are issued by email, and any prospective clients also receive a hard copy in the post.

For mobile reports, Porrima charges per mobile number per month. Its analysis includes a full breakdown of all domestic, international and roaming calls made and received for each number, plus SMS text messaging and data – this SMS and data usage also applies to both UK and roamed usage, with the roaming breakdown of voice/text/data being split into different zones, e.g. Europe, USA/Canada, Rest of World.

It calculates an average monthly spend on line rental, calls, text and data, and then uses this to make a recommendation for the most cost effective plan currently available on the market. This recommendation will include any add-ons, broken down to advise which mobile numbers need them. This benefits sales people as they do not have to work out which handsets should have a particular bolt-on; rather, Porrima does the work for them.

The final report is comprehensive in how it explains the cost savings. As well as a headline comparison, it shows full details of out-of-bundle costs, or the amount of money being spent outside the main tariff, as well as the fully calculated out-of-bundle costs based on the recommendation Porrima puts forward.

Porrima logoFor fixed line analysis, the final reports focus on providing an overview of the whole network. This includes the number and destination of all UK and international calls made, the duration of calls, and any service charges and one-off costs. This is used to calculate a monthly average for line rental and call charges for the period the bills provided cover, which in turn forms the basis of any recommended change in service.

Clients have a choice as to how the final reports are branded. They can stick with the Porrima brand (which can help to stress the independence of the review/report), have them joint branded with their own company name, or choose a white label option.

What do we like?

The breakdown in detail of each report is very thorough, but is presented in a way which is both clear and useful to the end user. For example, mobile reports are structured so you get the headline figures first – what costs are across the whole network, divided into subscription  costs, different categories of call charge, SMS, data etc. This gives a really clear insight of exactly where additional costs are being generated, which in turn makes it easy to understand the rationale behind a recommended switch in service.

In addition, the reports also provide a comprehensive breakdown of charges in each category by mobile number. This is real added value information for the end user. If a few handsets are generating exceptional costs, the report provides insight into how and why, giving the customer knowledge on which to base further cost saving decisions.

Who is it for?

Tariff Analyser is for all mobile and fixed line dealers and distributors, regardless of their size and customer base. Tariff Analyser works with all networks. Tariff Analyser can be used for new customers for dealers to win deals by showing savings that can be made by going with them, but also for existing customers to provide a continued excellent customer service and keep on top of their account.

What is it compatible with?

As well as producing standalone reports, Tariff Analyser is also compatible with its stablemate, Proposal Manager; this means that Tariff Analyser reports can be merged with the proposals produced in Proposal Manager and included within them.

Where to buy and for how much?

Tariff Analyser pricing is certainly competitive but depends on the format of bills submitted, the number of connections, number of months, volume of reports to be produced etc. so they suggest you contact Porrima direct for pricing. It’s worth remembering that you can try Tariff Analyser for free – ask for details when you contact them.

UC Today Opinion

The increasing focus on service as a key differentiator in all aspects of the telecoms market puts the customer centre stage. But it is also creating a new demand for in-depth, accurate intelligence on business performance as businesses seek new ways to improve service, and demonstrate to customers how they are improving it.

Porrima’s Tariff Analyser taps straight into that demand. Tariff Analyser removes that complexity completely, using a customer’s historical billing data to provide a clear, accurate picture of where cost savings can be made. For the reseller, that is a powerful tool in the drive to demonstrate value and service.

Have you used Porrima’s Tariff Analyser? How did you rate the service on turnaround and presentation? Were the recommendations useful, and how did your customers respond? If you have experiences to share, please add a comment below. And if you know someone else who might like to join in the conversation, why not share this article on social media.


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