Virsae VSM for Unified Communications

A look at how Virsae Service Management can improve UC

Virsae VSM for Unified Communications

Virsae and their flagship product, Virsae Service Management (VSM), provides an innovative unified communication software management solution that helps businesses perform to the best of their potential.

Virsae VSM for Unified Communications body

Virsae VSM increases UC application uptime and will resolve 90% of faults autonomously.

As the original developers of Avaya Contact Centre Express, a platform that was installed in over 3000 contact centres in 84 countries, VSM is the product of years of experience in the field and is a key player in the global unified communications software management market.

With this in mind, here is an overview of VSM that lists what it can do and why it can drastically help improve the performance and efficiency of unified communications systems.

What can it do?

Unified Communications have been proven to increase staff productivity, cut cost and provide a greater experience for the customer – but they can only do this if they remain up and running around the clock. With Virsae VSM, support desks are given an Availability Manager that is able to increase UC application uptime by searching for faults and automatically resolving 90% of issues without human intervention.

Keeping on top of the relentless changes a UC system undergoes on a daily basis can be very time consuming for an IT manager. VSM’s Change Manager works across multiple applications to provide welcome relief to this problem by automatically capturing all of these changes on a single platform.

Gathering configuration data of UC applications manually puts great strain on service managers. VSM’s Configuration Manager relieves this by automatically tracking and displaying UC configuration management data, thus simplifying the processes of asset management, design and planning within their network.

By automatically managing software version control, VSM’s Release Manager removes risk by ensuring that every UC system is appropriately resourced with the latest software. VSM’s Continuity Manager keeps and automatically stores a copy of the latest configuration so systems can be quickly restored in the event of catastrophic disaster to minimise business downtime.

VSM Capacity Manager enables system administrators to easily forecast system resource needs by granting them instant access to real-time and historical capacity data. Doing so can save customers mountains of cash in unused licences and trunks, or lost business if you don’t have enough capacity.

Working in the background VSM has a sophisticated workflow engine which alerts users when specific events arise allowing engineers to get on the front foot of service delivery. For example, VSM can automatically notify you if you’re close to using up all available licences, so you have time to order more before they run out.

Lastly, with VSM’s Voice Quality Management module, all audio calls are monitored for clarity and the platform will report any problems it finds so that technicians can quickly repair them before they damage the company’s reputation or hinder communications.

What do we like most?

With so many features that help improve the quality of unified communications systems on a number of different levels, it’s difficult to single out just one. However, we thought that an Availability Manager that can detect and resolve 90% of the faults it finds autonomously was a huge advantage for businesses and is a major selling point for VSM.

Who is it for?

Any business that wants to improve performance of its UC platform will benefit from investing in VSM. So, whether you’re an ICT administrator for a large enterprise, unified communications support company or a communications service provider, this might be what you’re looking for to help streamline your operations.

UC Today Opinion

Known for their complexity, unified communications systems are notoriously difficult to manage and costly to maintain. With VSM, however, administrators are given an enormous amount of help and can complete their jobs without the hassle in less than half the time.

As well as minimising the strain placed on network administrators, VSM is also guaranteed to improve staff productivity overall, reduce business disruption, minimise maintenance cost and ensure the customer is always able to communicate with the business and get their issues resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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