SSE Enterprise Delivers SD-WAN Solution

SSE Enterprise strives to improve IT estate management

SSE Enterprise Delivers SD-WAN Solution

SSE Enterprise Telecoms, a leading provider of class-leading data and connectivity services, have announced the launch of their new SD-WAN service. The advanced solution targets UK enterprises and aims to provide IT teams with state-of-the-art visibility and control over their critical tools. IT managers with access to the SD-WAN solution will access greater agility for their network, with the option to securely and quickly connect branch users to essential applications via numerous underlying networks.

As businesses begin to demand greater real-time visibility into their network, SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ is investing in SD-WAN to ensure a more comprehensive view of systems for IT teams. The new offering should help businesses to optimise the way traffic moves through crucial applications. What’s more, it will also track opportunities to improve flexibility, speed, visibility and security. To support the wide-spanning needs of the UK, SSE Enterprise Telecoms is collaborating with enterprise network experts Silver Peak, and network systems integrator Axians.

Transforming the Business Network with SD-WAN

Traditional WAN technology has remained largely the same over the last few decades. As the IT and communication space has continued to evolve, traditional WAN is no longer enough to meet with the rising demands of the agile workforce. However, SD-WAN delivered by SSE Enterprise Telecoms will be able to reduce the demand for complex routing solutions, to deliver more opportunities to businesses.

The SD-WAN solution offered by SSE Enterprise is available in a range of flexible formats. With this tool, network managers will have the opportunity to deliver high-level application performance. What’s more, they’ll also be able to support a range of organisations in their journey towards digital transformation.

According to the Senior Director for Enterprise for SSE Enterprise Telecoms, Stephen Lawrence, the company is thrilled to be partnering with Axians and Silver Peak to launch a new SD-WAN solution. SSE Enterprise believers that it’s the next natural step in providing UK companies with true digital transformation.

Delivering a Holistic View of the IT Estate

SSE Enterprise Telecoms believes that SD-WAN is all about accessing a more holistic view of an IT estate, complete with a secure and private network, and a better end-user experience for everyone involved. The partnerships that SSE Enterprise is supporting with Axians and Silver Peak will allow them to take their strategy to the next level.

According to the Sales Director for the UK and Ireland at Silver Peak, Allan Paton, the company is proud to have a long-standing reputation for developing an enterprise-level WAN platform. The impeccable reputation that SSE Enterprise has in terms of customer service will make them a great partner for Silver Peak as the companies progress towards a future in SD-WAN.

Additionally, the CTO of Enterprise and Service Provider solutions for Axians UK, Chris Gilmour, noted that there’s “never been a more exciting time” to leverage SD-WAN in the UK. Gilmour also said that Axians is happy to be working with two companies capable of delivering leading-edge technology, and exceptional customer support.


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