8×8 Helps DDC OS Achieve Happier Customers

Outsourcing specialist gets support from 8x8

8×8 Helps DDC OS Achieve Happier Customers

Outsourcing specialist DDC OS recently announced the exceptional increase in customer satisfaction that they have achieved with help from 8×8. DDC OS delivers multi-media response handling, administration solutions and data capturing to companies in a range of sectors. In a new strategy, the business embraced new X Series technology from leading cloud provider 8×8. DDC OS and 8×8 have worked together since March 2017 on implementations affecting 5,550 staff in 12 locations.

According to DDC OS, the business had no central communication system in place before moving to the X Series. Employees had to deal with several disparate communication channels, making it harder to deliver a consistent level of service. With the X Series, DDC OS was able to streamline their customer and employee experiences through a single system. Now, everything from voice and video, to contact centre and collaboration tools are in the same environment.

A Flexible and Agile Approach

The Head of Group Marketing for the DDC Group, Chrissie Spencer, commended 8×8’s flexibility and agility as a company. She said that 8×8 was happy to work alongside DDC OS to ensure that they were able to deliver a better level of service to their clients. The new 8×8 solutions mean that DDC OS can bring everything together in a single platform and eliminate silos of knowledge and communication. According to Spencer, if DDC OS didn’t have 8×8’s help:

“we simply wouldn’t have a business.”

Chrissie noted that 8×8 had given DDC OS the ability to develop and empower teams, giving them access to the productivity and efficiency they need. The business can now onboard new full-time employees within 2 weeks, complete with full training. With 8×8 X Series communication strategies in place, DDC OS can now also gather more profound insights into the customer journey.

The organisation has been able to develop their understanding of why customers call their service team, and how they can reduce their call volumes. DDC OS has also tracked adherence to call schedules, which has improved from 80% to 96% thanks to 8×8. The company also reduced service costs 35% since implementing the new system.

Incredible Achievements for DDC OS

The X Series solution has not only improved employee and customer experiences for DDC OS, but it’s also given them access to useful analytics too. The business managed to pinpoint where their customers were abandoning calls and used that information to tweak their IVR strategy. A new “Queue Buster” concept was introduced, which allows customers to request a callback. This has reduced the call abandonment rate from 7% to 3%. Additionally, customer satisfaction scores have increased to 86%.

The amazing work that 8×8 has done for DDC OS has prompted the Institute of Customer Service to shortlist 8×8 for the Customer Satisfaction Awards. 8×8 is in the running for the “best application of technology.” Managing Director of European Operations for 8×8, Mary Ellen Genovese, said in a press release that the team is looking forward to supporting DDC OS as the business continues to expand.


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