8×8: New Capabilities Announced for X Series

8x8 cloud and contact centre solutions get an update

8×8: New Capabilities Announced for X Series

One of the market leaders in cloud-based communication solutions, 8×8 recently announced an upgrade to their innovative X Series. The 8×8 X Series portfolio is an award-winning platform for contact centre solutions and business communications.

According to 8×8, the recent update will include new capabilities like an enhanced integration framework, advanced analytics for speech, and an immersive real-time dashboard to simplify the communications between customers and employers.

The Executive Vice President and CPO for 8×8, Dejan Deklich, said that the recent update reflects the company’s commitment to delivering a consistently superior communication system.

Enhancing the 8×8 X Series

Dejan Deklich

Dejan Deklich

Since its launch in 2019, the 8×8 X Series has thrived as the only cloud-based communication solution in the industry to deliver chat, video, voice, and contact centre support on the same platform. In a press release, Deklich said that current multi-vendor solutions just couldn’t match the simplicity of a single-pane-of-glass platform. 8×8 customers frequently commend the X Series for its ability to improve productivity in the organisation.

The X Series transforms employee and customer experiences in the enterprise with a unified system of engagement solutions on a single cloud-based platform. The new capabilities for the X Series include:

  • Enhanced communications: Empower the business ecosystem with an 8×8 Integration Framework developed on industry-standard APIs and microservices. Embedding communications into ERP, CRM, and productivity applications is simple. Some of the latest integrations include Slack, and Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Contact centre speech analytics: The enhanced speech analytics offered by 8×8 collects crucial data from customer recordings. By analysing these interactions, companies can better understand and optimise customer experiences
  • Real-time contact centre dashboards: Today’s contact centre managers can easily create bespoke real-time dashboards. 8×8 offers the option to share these dashboards with other users and display them as wallboards in contact centres

Award-Winning Innovation for Modern Teams

8×8 believes that success in the current business environment relies on agility and execution. The pioneering design of the 8×8 X Series means that companies can adjust their communication strategy to suit their needs and prioritise speed.

Over the years, 8×8 has received plenty of industry recognition and accolades for their communications solution. The 8×8 team recently won the Network Innovation Award from Tech Target. Additionally, 8×8 are the North American Integrated UCaaS and CCaaS company with the best competitive strategy, leadership and innovation according to Frost & Sullivan. 8×8 are also frequently named within Gartner magic quadrants. For the 7th consecutive year in a row, 8×8 was a leader on Gartner’s 2018 UCaaS MQ.


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