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Rob Scott

A short history

BroadSoft is a global unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platform and service provider that currently serves over 500 vendors and resellers worldwide, with each of those clients supporting millions of subscribers.

The company believes that technology should be an inspirational solution to everyday life, bringing people and work together in a simple and effective way. As such, their primary focus has been on developing cloud-based Unified Communication systems to service providers across the world – based on the UC-One Solution.

Ever since the company was fist created during 1998, BroadSoft has been at the forefront of innovation for collaboration and cloud communication technology- creating top-of-the-line solutions with exceptional results. Designed for a variety of businesses, BroadSoft’s technology portfolio includes a highly comprehensive open communication suite for companies, with carrier-class security and reliability.

BroadSoft currently have a 41% market share, which makes them the industry leader in cloud unified communications, chosen by 25 of the world’s 30 top service providers across 80 countries.

The History of BroadSoft

In the beginning, BroadSoft was imagined by Scott D. Hoffpauir and Michael Tessler during 1998. The services and products of the company have played a significant part in the network by servicing as the software which allows for the coordination and delivery of information transmission for various service providers.

With headquarters near Washington DC, BroadSoft have a growing network of over 1600 employees, serving customers across the globe for more than 22 locations. The leaders in their staff have been responsible for shaping change for a number of years, using their in-depth technological experience to solve the pain points of service providers and meet the needs of clients throughout the cloud communication industry.

Some of the products offered by BroadSoft include BroadWorks, and BroadCloud. BroadWorks is the flagship product for the company, and a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application platform which allows for service providers to develop and deliver enhanced voice servers for their end users. BroadCloud, on the other hand, is a fully-managed service that delivers the BroadSoft comprehensive Unified Communication service portfolio.

In 2014, BroadSoft was selected to be the supplier of the Sprint Corporation thanks to its VoLTE development and multi-media next-generation system-based network. On the 31st of May, 2016, BroadSoft announced that they would be acquiring Reston, an enterprise message-based communication and collaboration software app for teams in the increasingly mobile workforce.

The BroadSoft Portfolio: UC-One

The innovative nature of BroadSoft’s award-winning portfolio has made it a popular force within the Unified Communications ecosystem. During 2013, the company received the Frost & Sullivan 2013 New Product Innovation Award for Leadership thanks to its hosted UC platform product – UC-One. The UC-One creation also earned BroadSoft the People’s Choice “Stevie Award” in the 11th American Business Awards competition.

UC-One is the foundation of the BroadSoft portfolio, designed to take communication solutions one step further with contextual and advanced UC services that allow for affordable communications across networks. Packaged with trunking and PBX services, UC-One includes high-definition video and audio solutions for conferencing, as well as instant messaging, file sharing, virtual team collaboration and more.

UC-One Includes Team-One, CC-One, and the BroadSoft Hub:

  • Team-One allows for the empowerment of collaboration efforts through comprehensive team workspaces that are integrated deep into significant business applications. It allows for pre-built integrations with over fifty applications including tools like task management, project management, and ERP.
  • CC-One is the unified contact centre solution for BroadSoft, which offers an omni-channel approach to customer interactions across chat, email, social and other collaboration solutions. CC-One also allows for communication between members of your team, and provides real-time analytics to adjust routing rules and optimise contact centre performance.
  • BroadSoft Hub is a cloud application aggregation service which permits workers to access a range of different applications through BroadSoft clients. The Hub collects relevant information from the apps it links to, so that workers can access a simplified and improved communications experience.

Every BroadSoft application also comes with a range of capabilities that help the company to offer their clients security, mobility, and versatility. Capabilities include:

  • BOpen – which enables interoperability throughout various applications through various APIs and in-built integrations.
  • BMobile – which allows for an integrated mobile experience that provides the full set of applications that would be supported on a PC.
  • BSecure – which represents BroadSoft’s commitment to secure business practices from software development through to customer support.



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