Are On-demand Suppliers About to ‘Take-Away’ YOUR Business?

Guest Blog by Iain Sinnott, VP of Sales and Dave Dadds, CEO of Uboss

Are On-demand Suppliers About to ‘Take-Away’ YOUR Business?

Traditional communications suppliers are facing their biggest threat not from rival technologies, or brands, but from the customers’ method of consumption. The contractual relationship and the style of service delivery is about to dictate who emerges as the dominant players and, like so many other industries, no brand is safe!

We have all recognised this form of transformation; Uber changing the cab business, Netflix revolutionising TV, Amazon disrupting retail and the restaurant/take-away market is being transformed by central online order/delivery brands. These changes are having an even bigger effect – they are diminishing the customers fear of change which is a massive threat to any legacy player in any market.

“Despite living at the front end of technology evolution, too many business communication suppliers still present the same commercial, and often structural, solutions – single instance deployments, lengthy contracts, managed service and collectives rather than individual user focused solutions with plenty of flexibility,” says Iain Sinnott, VP of Sales at Cloud Management Platform developer Uboss.

“It makes commercial sense in the old world, but this does not reflect the direction of travel that buyers are going in, nor does it defend against emerging competitors who are building their model on the principles of dynamic fulfilment.”

iain sinnott Uboss

Iain Sinnott, VP Sales, Uboss

In the Cisco BroadSoft world, we know the strengths of BroadWorks; a world class core platform that is reliable (still one of the biggest drivers in the business market), has a developing feature set including improving collaboration and good device range integration.

What we also know is that service packs can be hard to understand and manage; the portfolio is not complete and will always require deployment alongside additional products from other ‘best in class’ vendors. This makes back-office management more complex and real-time, multi-product, multi-vendor customer level self-service with full commercial control a real challenge.

“To be on the winning side of the customer move to ‘On-Demand’ SaaS deployment, it is the management platform that will transition your business”

…adds Dave Dadds, the Uboss CEO, who originally started the software development program to deliver a ‘true cloud’ experience for the groups UK Broadsoft based business, VanillaIP, almost 10 years ago. The result of which is their ground-breaking solution, used across the globe by Broadworks Platform owners, and which delivers multi-product/multi-vendor, dynamic package and service control, full integrated commercial and contract rule management, fraud protection, support information delivery, alerts and notifications, reports and integrated billing.

“The best time to start the transition was last year,” concluded Sinnott, “but the next best time is now!”

Dave Dadds Uboss

Dave Dadds, Uboss CEO & Chair of UK trade body FCS

Uboss is delivering differentiation, back office automation and commercial control to multiple Broadworks customers around the world. If you are planning a Loki replacement or simply gearing up for the new ‘On-Demand’ market, please reach out to us. We know the value of Uboss because we come from your world.

Uboss will be attending a series of international events this year, but their team are already busily discussing deployments of Uboss from Australia to Canada adding ever more ‘smarts’ as they go. If you see the change to on-demand consumption as a threat, perhaps it’s time you showed your market who the Uboss is!

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Ian TaylorIan Taylor 11:34, 31 Jan 2019

One of my favourite quotes seems quite apt here:

“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”

― Jack Welch

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