BroadSoft Discovers that Cloud UC is Key to Digital Transformation

Cloud UC provides businesses with agility for DX

BroadSoft Discovers that Cloud UC is Key to Digital Transformation

The world of communications is changing. Today’s customers don’t just need a powerful telephony system to stay ahead, they also need unique and innovative ways to connect with customers and co-workers through instant chat, web strategies, and video too. A survey by BroadSoft Inc. – a company that recently became part of the Cisco brand and a leader in the cloud communications space, now demonstrates just how important cloud UC can be to digital transformation.

The study called the “BroadSoft Cloud Collaboration Survey” looked at more than 1,000 global Enterprise IT decision-makers from various sectors and found that 74% of businesses are on track to adopt cloud UC over the next 24 months.

How Cloud UC Benefits the Digitally-Transforming Business

Michael Tessler

CEO and president of BroadSoft, Michael Tessler

The markets for cloud collaboration, meetings, messaging and customer experience are all experiencing phenomenal growth according to CEO and president of BroadSoft, Michael Tessler. As the competition grows, organisations need to find a vendor that can deliver a more comprehensive digital communication service to any vertical.

The results of the BroadSoft research indicate that UC has become a core component of many digital transformation (DX) strategies. According to the respondents of the study, cloud communications services may be the ultimate way to achieve greater agility in the current marketplace, with less need for expensive and time-consuming upgrades (78%), and reduced IT operation efforts (70%). Additionally, companies also believe that cloud UC provides the mobility necessary to support the rising trend of remote working (69%).

Examining the BroadSoft Study

To earn their insight into the cloud UC marketplace, BroadSoft conducted a survey using the responses of 1,005 enterprise IT leaders from seven countries across the globe. The research was conducted during the final quarter of 2017, and respondents were chosen to represent companies of all shapes and sizes, from a range of industries.

BroadSoft’s findings support the common belief that the overall direction of today’s communications company is headed towards the cloud. Those who need the innovation of cutting-edge technology in their communication sector also require the scalability and flexibility that comes from the cloud environment. According to the IT decision makers in the study, the cloud is important to their digital transformation initiative for several reasons, it can:

  • Provide contextual intelligence into communication documents and conversation history (75%)
  • Provide advanced analytics for productivity and performance monitoring (73%)
  • Open the door to next level solutions like artificial intelligence (62%)

As customers increasingly demand more from their preferred brands, companies are being pushed to re-evaluate the way they buy communication technology. BroadSoft revealed that their respondents had three major demands when it comes to selecting a cloud UC service. The first requirement is a bundled and integrated service (70%), the second is a strong user experience (78%), and the third is reliability.

You can see the full survey for yourself here, and an additional piece of research into service providers from BroadSoft Connections 2017 is also available for additional insights into the digital transformation experience and the future of cloud UC.

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