CallTower Delivers Optimised Internet Performance with CT Cloud Boost

CallTower offers reliable network for cloud applications

CallTower Delivers Optimised Internet Performance with CT Cloud Boost

Global leader in the delivery of cloud-based unified communication and collaboration solutions, CallTower, recently announced their brand-new CT Cloud Boost solution, capable of delivering exceptional network stability through the direct connection of CallTower data centres to customer networks.

Customers on the CallTower system with access to hosted Cisco, Microsoft, or CT Cloud Voice contact centre platforms will be able to enhance the performance of their communication systems through intelligent load-sharing provided across multiple internet connections. The service also includes dynamic failover between circuits for complete reliability too.

A Dedicated Approach to Quality of Service

The CT Cloud Boost system from CallTower is designed to deliver state-of-the-art quality of service to customers, without impending on user firewalls. As well as providing enhanced user experience and call quality, the CT Cloud Boost solution will also increase the performance of thousands of cloud applications, ranging all the way from Microsoft Dynamics, to Salesforce systems and Office 365. It also offers real-time analytics, key reporting, historical data, and the ability to analyse the entire call route from hosted application to customer premise. Features include:

  • Intelligent load-balancing spread across internet paths from multiple service providers
  • Quality of Service support to prioritise latency-sensitive traffic and VoIP
  • Same IP failover solution to provide uninterrupted Unified Communication and VoIP sessions
  • Real-time intelligence on packet loss, circuit latency & throughput

Delivering Optimised Internet Connections

CallTower was first launched in 2002, and since that time the company has been devoted to helping people in all environments to connect more easily and engage in next-level business communication solutions. CallTower has emerged as a leading provider of enterprise-class and cloud-based unified communication and collaboration solutions, which help organisations to thrive around the world.

CallTower also integrates with some of the leading cloud-based solutions on the market, including Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, CT Cloud, and Office 365. According to the Vice President of Product and Customer Success for CallTower, Jason Ulm, one of CallTower’s biggest priorities as a communication solutions provider is to ensure that customers always have an optimised solution in place for call quality and consistency. With CT Cloud Boost, CallTower believes that they can deliver the exceptional and reliable experiences that their customers need.


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