CircleLoop – Cloud Phone System Review

Read how CircleLoop is changing the way businesses communicate in 2017

CircleLoop – Cloud Phone System Review

As the latest combined venture from Manchester-based serial entrepreneurs Damian Hanson and David Hague, CircleLoop is reported to help improve mobility and flexibility, reduce calling costs, maximise efficiency and help businesses communicate more effectively than ever before – but how much truth is there in these claims?

In order to find out, UC Today have decided to carry out an in-depth review of CircleLoop to determine what features it offers, what advantages it brings and what types of businesses would benefit most from investing in it.

How does it look?

Delivered online in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model, it was a breeze to instantly activate by business phone-system with CircleLoop. Once signed up to the free trial CircleLoop is universally accessible via web portal, desktop app and mobile app, CircleLoop is consistently minimalistic in its design across all three platforms and provides quick, easy access to a wide variety highly-advanced features without any of the fuss.

Once downloaded (in a matter of minutes), the CircleLoop app is ready to go and gives users the option to instantly import all of their contacts from their phonebook into its directory and a one-click quick launch feature makes switching between personal and business calls and effortless task.

What can it do?

One of the biggest selling points for CircleLoop is that it allows users to call out from any number and even gives them the option to switch between a landline number, a UK number, a mobile number or an international (up to 80 countries) number depending on the nature of the call.

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CircleLoop offers cross platform support for both mobile and desktop

Another useful feature that really helps support collaboration and the role of the remote/mobile worker is the automatic cross platform synchronisation of the CircleLoop app that stores all call information evenly and allows users to seamlessly switch between Mobile and Desktop without disrupting their live call.

In the apps, users can access both personal and group live feeds of call and message activity, configure backup numbers to route their calls to when internet access is unavailable and set specific times of the day/week where they do not want to be disturbed by business calls.

With the voicemail to text transcription feature, users can configure their voicemails to be converted to text and automatically be inserted directly to their feed and also to their email address to ensure they can quickly follow up missed calls and pick out the crucial details without having to listen to the message in full.

In terms of cost, CircleLoop offers unlimited calls to all UK landlines and most UK mobiles as part of its plan while its BYOD support reduces the need for investments in hardware. This way, users are able to make calls at next to no cost outside of their monthly subscription fee and agents are able to move freely between locations communicating on a through a device of their own choosing.

In terms of collaboration, the CircleLoop conference calling feature allows agents to easily set up group calls from multiple locations with a unique conference pin whenever it is necessary to do so. Moreover, the shared numbers feature, team voicemail and full integration with popular team applications such as Slack or HipChat are further example of how CircleLoop can drastically improve collaboration in business.

Alongside all this, CircleLoop is currently working on providing support for Jabra hardware and has stated that the phone system will also offer call recording and SMS features and many new complimentary product integrations in the not too distant future to further solidify itself as an all in one communications solution.

What did we like most? 

With such a diverse number of features to choose from, it’s hard to select just one. However, we were especially impressed by the way in which CircleLoop allows users to quickly switch between the number they dial out from at the click of a button and the wide variety of local, international and mobile numbers to choose from places businesses at a huge advantage.

Who is it for?

As a fully scalable solution that operates on a pay as you use service with no lengthy contract ties, we feel that businesses of all sizes would benefit from this phone system but especially those that wish to have a fully flexible cloud-based phone system to improve the mobility and collaboration of their employees.

How much does it cost?

The UK price point of CircleLoop is currently £15 per user per month and includes all features listed, unlimited UK calls and outbound calling to 150+ countries is charged based on usage.

UC Today Opinion

Following BTs announcement to close down its ISDN network by 2025, more and more businesses are starting to feel the pressure of migrating to cloud-based telephony and we believe that CircleLoop provides an excellent solution to their problems.

Though the company offers a world-class solution with an abundance of innovative features that reduce costs, increase mobility and flexibility and improve staff proficiency, it’s user-friendly design and rapid subscription-based deployment means businesses can reap all the benefits of cloud telephony without any of the usual hassle.

As an affordable and effective and an all-in-one phone system solution that can be used for business of all sizes from any number of different industries, we believe CircleLoop is a more than worthy investment and will continue going from strength to strength as we move forward into the future.

Want to know more about CircleLoop? Were there any points missing that you wish to add? How do you feel CircleLoop compares to other cloud phone systems on the market? If you would like to share your experiences or opinions regarding CircleLoop or about cloud phone systems in general, please feel free to submit your thoughts to our comments section below.


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AvatarXandra 05:11, 09 Nov 2017

We were absolutely delighted when we came across CircleLoop. Easy to use, instant signup, no contracts…simply a small business owners dream! We were minutes away from signing up with BT when we spotted the words “Alternative to BT.” Couldn’t ask for more!

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