Dialpad Enhances Capabilities with Zendesk Integration

Dialpad's Pure-Cloud Solution Offers Service Teams a Supercharged Modern Business Phone System

Dialpad Enhances Capabilities with Zendesk Integration

Dialpad, the pure-cloud business communication solution, today announced that its Dialpad Pro solution is now fully integrated with Zendesk, a leading cloud-based customer service software, for enterprise users. The new integration, which is available in the Zendesk App Marketplace, combines Dialpad’s business communications platform with Zendesk’s customer service tools to facilitate a modern and seamless customer communication experience from anywhere, at anytime.

Dialpad for Zendesk is really two integrations in one, allowing for faster dialing with a built-in sidebar screen that appears within Dialpad’s desktop applications, and a Dialpad telephony and call center application that’s available inside the Zendesk web application. These two integrations allow customer service and support agents to place calls directly from either service and will eventually extend to the Dialpad mobile application. This means calls can be placed from within Zendesk and the information available from Zendesk can also be used to initiate calls from within Dialpad, all without the need for desk phones or any additional applications.

As part of Dialpad’s integration, existing customer data is automatically matched to turn calls and voicemails into customer service tickets for easy record keeping and issue resolution. The Dialpad integration not only improves overall customer satisfaction, but also allows support centers to manage more calls, faster, and with a more efficient staffing model.

“When you empower your employees with a powerful business communications tool, everyone becomes a service agent.”

“With Dialpad’s Zendesk integration, we have reinvented customer service workflows and created a modern customer experience that operates from anywhere.” said Vincent Paquet, Chief Product Officer, Dialpad. 

Vincent Paquet, Chief Product Officer, Dialpad. 

Vincent Paquet, Chief Product Officer, Dialpad.

This seamless communication solution enables companies to deliver more effective and efficient customer support to boost brand loyalty that impacts the bottom line, all while maximizing call agent productivity while helping to reduce customer service department operating costs.

Dialpad replaces outdated desk phones and on-premises PBX equipment with a modern software-only solution that enables fast growth companies to instantly spin up offices and connect international teams across any device with Voice, Messaging, Video, and Meetings. With its seamless integration with Google’s G Suite and Office 365, Dialpad has also enabled companies to complete their modern IT Stack to ensure collaboration and productivity for employees no matter where they live or work.

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