Foehn Voxivo UC Platform Review: Changing Business Communications

Introducing Voxivo, the UC platform from Foehn

Foehn Voxivo UC Platform Review: Changing Business Communications

As unified communications continue to evolve, and businesses demand more from their strategies, we’re seeing a rise in innovations within the marketplace, attempting to provide new and improved solutions. Foehn has been in the cloud communications market since 2000, and since that time, the company has emerged as an award-winning provider of  unified communications

To compete in this new business environment, Foehn has introduced their “Voxivo” unified communication platform, intended to give today’s organisations a new way to power and enhance internal and external conversations. Foehn was recently awarded the accolade of Best VoIP Software 2018 from ITSPA for Voxivo.

Here’s everything you need to know about Voxivo and how it can benefit your business.

The Features of Voxivo from Foehn

Designed using open source technology for increased flexibility, Voxivo is Foehn’s attempt to change the world of communication as we know it. The company approached their UC platform with the aim of “challenging” the status quo, taking all the best things they could find about the open source environment, the cloud, and Asterisk and built a totally new platform from the ground up.

Foehn combined all the elements of an agile phone system into a comprehensive solution for analytics, VoIP, call recording, collaboration, and more on the cloud. Features include:

  • Admin features: Admin dashboard, Custom schedules, Self-enrolment user extensions, Drag & Drop dial plan creator, on-demand DDI provisioning, Feature & Account Codes, Call Recording, Real-time Call estimates, Custom feature development, and Automatic phone provisioning
  • Call management features: Call forwarding, Attended call transfer, call waiting, Caller ID, Blind Call Transfer, Hunt Groups, Call Queues, Do Not Disturb, Music on Hold, Static and Dynamic Agent Capabilities, Voicemail to Email, Custom Message Recording, Call on Hold, Pickup Groups, Pilot Numbers, Three-Way Calling, Speed Dialling, and Directory Services
  • Collaboration features: Instant Messaging, Contact Management, Conference Room, Extension Settings, Click to Call, Conference Room, Presence, Phone Twinning, User Portal Features, FAQs, Guides, Help Section Features, Search and Call Recording, Call History, Video Tutorials

The Benefits of Voxivo from Foehn

Foehn’s UC solution has a lot to offer today’s companies, with a highly resilient and scalable architecture that ensures high-performance within the workplace. Voxivo comes with a 99.999% reliability, and industry-leading service uptime, as well as proactive monitoring and management of services throughout the Foehn network. Benefits include:

  • Intuitive design: Voxivo by Foehn was designed by experts to deliver a sensational experience for today’s users. Foehn wanted their platform to be friendly and flexible, which meant providing cloud systems that are easy to use and packed with helpful functionality
  • Supervisor and User Portals: Voxivo even comes with separate user and supervisor portals. The supervisor portal allows administrators to access powerful statistics and features within their communication system, and it includes a “drag and drop” dial plan creator, optimised for Firefox and Chrome. Alternatively, the user portal provides employees with access to an interface where they can set mobile twinning, adjust voicemail options, and manage their call history
  • Open architecture: Foehn built their Voxivo strategy on the back of an open architecture environment. The open architecture ensures that Voxivo can integrate with any third-party platform so that customers have a greater choice and can implement a customer engagement strategy that suits them
  • Constant innovation: Voxivo was also built with a focus on continuous future innovation and growth. Foehn wanted to develop a UC solution that allowed them to rapidly deliver new features to their users, so as new innovations are released, users can refresh their browser and automatically get access to the latest features
  • Excellent Customer Support: Foehn also provides exceptional customer support to their users accessing Voxivo. There are video tutorials available, guides, and FAQs for anyone getting familiar with the system

Target Market & Regional Availability

Foehn currently connects with 3 of the largest Tier 1 providers of SIP voice in the UK, ensuring tier 1 service uptime and voice quality. Now, Voxivo appears to be designed for the international market as well as the UK, where customers are presently routing an excess of 8 million minutes per month through network partners. Voxivo is ideal for SMEs and large enterprise customers.

How to Buy & Pricing

Foehn offers customers a highly transparent pricing model, with all features included as part of a comprehensive package. This means that you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs when you sign up for the Voxivo service.

The current packages available include:

  • Standard: £8 per user per month, with all standard Voxivo services included. (standard 24-month contract)
  • Inclusive: £14 per user per month, with all standard services, plus 1000 minutes to UK major and mobile lines (standard 24-month contract)
  • Connected: £12 per user per month, with all standard services, and 1000 minutes to UK major and mobile lines (standard 36-month contract)

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

Foehn delivers a highly intuitive and easy-to-use UC solution for customers through the Voxivo environment. They can even provide their customers with handsets to help them upgrade their communication experience. All handsets offered by Foehn come with a second switch point for desktop connections, so there’s no need for additional cabling within the office. Alternatively, you can use your existing handsets with the system thanks to Voxivo’s open-standard approach.

Q: How Reliable is Foehn’s Service?

A: Foehn offers 99.999% uptime and leading service uptime thanks to their selection of various tier 1 SIP carriers capable of delivering exceptional routing and excellent call quality across their network. Foehn also maintains performance by proactively managing and monitoring quality of service across their network, with a resilient architecture in their data centres too.

Q: How Does Foehn offer Connectivity?

A: For deployments, Foehn can provide leased line circuits that are applicable for point to point connectivity, internet access, or VPN. Foehn sources ethernet solutions from significant operators throughout the UK, which helps them to maintain one of the biggest footprints in the country for internet coverage.



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