Fuze Empowers the Digital Workforce with Fuze 5.0 

Next-generation Fuze platform enhances employee experience and supports the extended enterprise ecosystem

Fuze Empowers the Digital Workforce with Fuze 5.0 

Fuze, the leading cloud-based communications platform provider for the modern global enterprise, today announced the launch of Fuze 5.0. With shifts in how large companies are thinking about their workforce – and the mix of full-time employees, contractors, and outside partners – the definition of teams has evolved. Fuze 5.0 helps businesses streamline communications and collaboration for the extended team ecosystems that exist in modern companies.

“Historically enterprise users have had a much richer set of communications capabilities when interacting internally versus with external parties. The challenge is that most business processes cut across internal users and external parties such as partners, consultants, suppliers, and customers. External interactions tend to go to the lowest common denominator, often calls and emails,” said Derek Yoo, Chief Product Officer at Fuze

“Fuze 5.0 significantly expands our collaboration functionality to include these external users in rich voice, video and messaging interactions, which will help our customers streamline their workflows.”

Fuze 5.0 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the Fuze platform, expanding the offering with an application design that supports all communications modalities – voice, group interaction, face-to-face video, content collaboration – and enables an enterprise’s entire ecosystem of independent contractors, vendors, and partners to connect how they choose to and continue conversations how and when they want.

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Synergy Research shows things are going well for Fuze

The decreasing percentage of work taking place behind the traditional desk is quickly giving way to tools and practices that will empower digital workers to be more productive and happy. Fuze 5.0 unlocks communications and collaboration capabilities for workers who lack or forego access to a traditional phone, desktop, and laptop, and rely on smartphones, tablets, and Chrome OS-enabled devices.

“Today’s workers crave flexibility and need to have control to create a workflow that works for them,” said Colin Doherty, CEO at Fuze.

“Workers, regardless of age, gender, or generation, thrive on human interaction and team collaboration. Fuze is helping workers find easier ways to stay connected, even in the absence of physical proximity. Likewise, enterprise leaders are seeking ways to solve for operational efficiencies, foster greater productivity, and increase profitability.”

With Fuze, unified communications is no longer a siloed experience limited to internal users having to choose between a call, video, or chat with one or many workers. Fuze takes a more natural and fluid approach to communications and collaboration for the extended company ecosystem, with a set of new features in a browser or across desktop, mobile, and Chrome OS.

Key Product Enhancements:

  • Expanded workstream collaboration capabilities, which securely support third-party participants in projects or teams
  • Streamlined smartphone/tablet experience optimised for mobile-first workers with enhanced meeting reminders and ‘one-click join’ (faster access to calling and messaging)
  • Next-generation media infrastructure for higher quality audio and screen share and added support for video in a browser
  • Improved experience for large meetings with the new Roster View for participant management
  • Upgraded administrator experience that combines new identity management capabilities with dashboards for real-time network monitoring and real-time voice, video, and chat data

Fuze 5.0 leverages new platform capabilities to give organisations flexibility, reliability, and greater accessibility to monitor and manage the quality of service for their workers. Through a partnership with AppNeta, the Fuze Real-Time Network Monitoring solution enables IT to quickly identify and fix problems before they impact service, both inside and outside of the enterprise network. This gives organisations more visibility, enhancing their ability to maintain an environment that enables individuals to do their best work.

Fuze 5.0 will be generally available in Q3 2018.About Fuze
Fuze is a global provider of a cloud-based unified communications platform that empowers productivity and delivers insights across the enterprise by enabling simplified business voice communications, flexible video conferencing, and always-on collaboration. Formerly known as Thinking Phone Networks, Fuze allows the modern, mobile workforce to seamlessly communicate anytime, anywhere, across any device. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, Fuze has additional locations across the globe, including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Ottawa, London, Amsterdam, Aveiro (Portugal), Paris, Munich, Zurich, Madrid, Copenhagen, and Sydney.


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