Introducing UnifyMe: The Cloud Communications Platform Built on Twilio

We speak to the CEO of UnifyMe, Albert Colls

Introducing UnifyMe: The Cloud Communications Platform Built on Twilio

This year has been a disruptive one for unified communications. Enterprises across the globe are beginning to experiment with new strategies for everything from collaboration, to data analytics and more. The result of all this digital transformation has been the consolidation of several big brands, along with the emergence of some brand-new companies, capable of potentially changing the UC status quo.

One of the more recent brands to enter the marketplace, just in time for 2018, is UnifyMe, a cloud communications platform built on the Twilio service. For those who don’t know, Twilio is an API that makes it simpler for businesses around the world to add voice, video, and messaging strategies to any collaboration network. By using the Twilio /unified-communications/cpaas format, UnifyMe has been able to create a full cloud platform for their customers, perfect for tapping into the value of big data.

I spoke with CEO, Albert Colls, about the opportunities that UnifyMe has to offer.

What is UnifyMe?

UnifyMe is a platform designed on the Twilio API that delivers agility and control to the digitally transforming marketplace. Designed to boost efficiency and productivity across more than 100 countries, this cloud communications solution hopes to rid companies of the problems that are common in a world of fragmented and unsecure connections.

As Albert told me, UnifyMe is a response to the needs of fragmented service providers around the world, who are overcoming obsolete legacy systems and gradually finding their way into the cloud. It offers a comprehensive communications platform on the Twilio framework, that provides brands with access to Big Data while reducing Telco costs.

“I had some friends in Twilio that helped to inspire this vision of a new strategy for communications. A couple of years ago, we tried building a similar strategy on SIP technology, and it simply wasn’t reliable or flexible enough for the current market.”

“After we learned more about what Twilio was capable of, we knew that it was the perfect resource for us to make a product that could really transform the market.”

Albert was keen to share the UnifyMe vision: “We believe the way we communicate should be in harmony with who we are and how we live. Supplying a single, elegantly designed and easy to use unified communications platform to everybody on every device wherever they are”

How Have You Built Your Vision on Twilio’s API?

UnifyMe believes that today’s businesses should be able to communicate in a format that works seamlessly with their organisation. This means having access to a single, and easy-to-use system of unified communication that unites employees regardless of where they are, or what devices they’re using. With the Twilio CPaaS approach, UnifyMe could tap into some of the most flexible and innovative technology on the market.

“The market is changing, and UnifyMe is a response to those changes. While we’re presenting ourselves as a ucaas platform, that’s only the start of the terms that can be used to describe us.”

“Yes, we offer the basics of UCaaS with things like chat, and video, or telephony, but we want to go further than that by creating a communication suite that’s built for the next generation of technology. Our strategy is to combine UCaaS with the future of big data and things like chatbots and machine learning, so that companies can continue to evolve, based on what they learn from their communication experiences.”

While UnifyMe’s initial goal with the Twilio platform was to create an exceptional experience and a fully-comprehensive product, that’s only the start of their vision. Albert told me that the companies he’s spoken with so far all tell them that they need access to so much data to help them continue innovating in the new marketplace, but most customers simply don’t have the right tools to deliver that data.

“Our goal is to provide the collaboration and data solutions that customers need, to give companies more fluid and efficient communication strategies, using a cloud-based software that simplifies everything from video meetings, to chat, to IP telephony, productivity software, and document sharing.”

What are Your Goals as A Brand?

As I spoke to Andrew, it was easy to get the feel of UnifyMe as a disruptive brand for the age of cloud communications, and truly unified communications. I asked him what the goals of the company were as they considered the future and the upcoming start of the new year.

“Our goal at the end of the day is to deliver a platform that gives our customers what they need in the communications market while making the tools available as simple and self-managed as possible. The UnifyMe product is designed to give IT teams more freedom to focus on their internal needs, without the constant stress of third-party intervention. With the administration portal available through UnifyMe, you can control all aspects of your company’s communications, without having to worry about extra investments and wasted time.”

Unlike many of the other emerging brands in the marketplace today, UnifyMe are also unique in the fact that their company vision doesn’t involve establishing themselves specifically as a vendor or a service provider. Their go-to-market strategy is based around becoming a Twilio Partner.

Albert finished by telling me that although the concept of being one of the first companies of their kind in the marketplace was nerve-wracking, it was also an exciting opportunity.

“This is a great thing for us, particularly since Twilio is just getting started, and we’re one of the first to offer what we do on the Twilio platform.”

We’re excited to see what UnifyMe accomplish as they continue on their path to roll out products across Latin America, and EMEA.

Albert concluded: “UnifyMe has the vision of making communications easier, simpler and more accessible for people and companies. That’s why our open source mindset team is looking for other like-minded people who want to collaborate with our vision and software. We will receive them with open arms.”


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