Kakapo Systems Showcases Unity Contact Centre at BroadSoft Connections

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Kakapo Systems Showcases Unity Contact Centre at BroadSoft Connections

kakapo logo smallKakapo Systems are a popular developer of applications for the BroadWorks platform, created by BroadSoft. In the lead up to the BroadSoft Connections annual event, the company announced that they would be showcasing their Unity Contact Centre solution for attendees at the convention.

The Unity Contact Centre solution promises big things in terms of productivity and efficiency for contact centres, by acting as an extension to the current Supervisor and Agent apps delivered through Unity to the BroadWorks platform. The system allows for various connectivity features to be layered over existing BroadSoft voice queues, including email, instant web chat, and even call back services.

A Streamlined Experience for Contact Centres

For any contact centre, the effective management of communications both internally, and externally, is essential to successfully run a business. As the UC environment becomes more complex, many vendors like Kakapo and BroadSoft are searching for new ways to simplify the available technology and deliver better results in terms of both customer experience, and digital transformation (DX).

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According to the marketing director for Kakapo Systems, Steve Tutt, it makes perfect sense for the brand to build upon the existing BroadWorks platform. The system is already incredibly powerful, and by working alongside Service providers, Kakapo can optimise the call centre experience with a more efficient user interface.

As a SaaS product, the Unity Contact Centre doesn’t require the deployment of additional databases and servers in a network. Unity works entirely as a purely hosted solution, capable of running over the top of existing platform deployments.

A Truly Unified Contact Centre

With the Unity Contact Centre service, agents will be able to handle a diverse collection of different media types connecting to consumers, from a single interface, offering a more seamless handling experience. For providers in the BroadSoft network, this should help to improve the performance of the system for call centre customers already present within the platform.

The fact that Unity is available to deliver a range of incoming call back requests, incoming calls, email, and web chat solutions for any available agent is crucial on the path to deliver more unified services to contact centres across the globe.

As customers continue to abandon the “voice-only” solution for inbound contact, the new Kakapo systems Unity strategy will help to ensure that service providers can meet with customer demands in a more diverse way, using the existing BroadSoft platform.


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