Making the Most of Today’s Hybrid Cloud Comms Era

How Channel Partners can capitalise on hybrid cloud

Making the Most of Today’s Hybrid Cloud Comms Era

Is the era for hybrid cloud finally here?

Around the world, the demand for flexible cloud-based solutions is growing. Businesses of all sizes can no longer make do with one-size-fits-all technology stacks for their communication strategy. The cloud offers the growth and scalability that businesses demand in an era where the marketplace is constantly growing and changing. Perhaps that’s why Synergy Research suggest that UCaaS subscriber rates are growing at an average of 26%.

UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service, which delivers communication over the cloud, is a $50 billion market, yet only around 20% of all phone systems are in the cloud at this point. That’s because although businesses can see the benefits of the cloud, and the scalability it offers, they’re not necessarily willing to leave all their prior investments in on-premise technology behind to move to an era of cloud-only functionality.

A hybrid cloud communications era could be the only way for businesses to make the most out of the changing marketplace, combining the reassurance and reliance of traditional tools, with the potential of the future.

Creating Opportunities Between the Cupboard and the Cloud

Today, were about 20 years on from the time when UC was first coined as a phrase. However, we’re only really starting to enjoy the benefits of what true unified communication could be. When UC was first introduced to the marketplace, it was a convergence of technologies, intended to help businesses to do more than just phone each other when they wanted to exchange information. When email emerged in the marketplace, it took the wind out of UC’s sails for a little while. However, now we’re once again in an environment where our users, teams and customers demand more.

In the new age of unified communication, there really is so much more than voice for teams to consider when it comes to building the perfect communication environment. Companies still want reliable and clear voice in their communication stack, but they also want video, instant messaging and more – and they want it all in real-time. On top of that, users want to make sure that they can access all of the same tools from anywhere, on any device, using ubiquitous applications.

The omni-channel life of the modern consumer and worker means that today’s employers are being forced to consider better technology so that they can truly deliver what their staff members need – rather than just what prior standards dictate.

However, even with all this demand for transformation, there are companies with a huge amount of investment in older and legacy systems. That combined with continued concerns about the cloud means that companies are slower to move into the cloud than they used to be. We’re living in an era between cupboard and cloud, where people want the best of both worlds.

Where Are The Opportunities for Hybrid Cloud?

The hybrid cloud era isn’t something that anyone in the current communications environment can afford to ignore. End-user organisations, service providers and resellers alike all have a unique opportunity to capitalise on the world that exists mid-way between the flexibility of full-fat UCaaS, and on-premises PBX solutions.

By 2020, experts predict that around half of all the corporate telephony decisions that we make will end up in the cloud. While there’s rapid adoption in the industry already, organisations can still make the most of the steppingstone into the cloud with opportunities like:

  • Introducing a full cloud solution for remote workers and new business users, such as that provided by the Yeastar Cloud PBX
  • Providing a Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX for small offices that have limitations with their internet connectivity
  • Starting a free trial for a Yeastar Cloud PBX platform as a VoIP reseller and taking the system for a test drive

The Free Yeastar Cloud PBX offering gives companies the opportunity to experiment with thirty days for free in the cloud. This supports a free cloud PBX system with up to 20 users, as well as four concurrent calls, and no requirements for any hardwired phones. There’s also available access to the Linkus Unified Communications app for creating a more flexible workforce for your PC or mobile device. From there, calls can be transferred to the device of your choosing with all the features you need most at your disposal, including presence, instant messaging, and unified messaging.

The Yeastar cloud based phone system comes with a wide variety of compelling features for enterprise-grade business communication, including:

  • Call forwarding, monitoring, parking, permission and pickup
  • AutoCLIP
  • Blacklist and whitelist
  • Distinctive ringtones and music on-hold
  • One-touch recording
  • Attended transfer
  • Auto attendants
  • Call detail records
  • Phone provisioning
  • Schedule backup
  • Multi-language Web GUI
  • Restore and backup
  • Event centre
  • Image upgrade
  • Import/Export extensions
  • Multi-level user access

Unlocking the Benefits of the Hybrid Era

For the modern communication landscape, the hybrid era represents an incredible period of opportunity. It’s not just about dipping your toe into the latest technology available in the UCaaS environment but finding a way to migrate into the cloud at a pace that suits you.

Small business phone systems are available from a host of different providers. However, before any company jumps into a decision to invest in a new platform, it’s important to take the time to carefully consider their options by working with a provider that comes with the option to try a free trial of something new.


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