Mobile-First Work is the Future of Europe

Soluno said it's time for Europe to catch up with Nordic countries

Mobile-First Work is the Future of Europe

One of Soluno’s unique advantages, is it resides in one of the most progressive nations in the world, Sweden. For the citizens of the Scandinavian country, particularly those in the enterprise sector, it is fairly common that they have two mobile devices. One for work, purchased by their employer, and the other, their private mobile device.

Many employers in the Nordic region supply employees with a mobile phone for work and Soluno said these devices should also have advanced PBX features. In many countries such as the UK and Germany, this is not the case, Soluno contends. “Instead, many have a desk phone with their office number in the office, and a mobile phone so they are reachable whilst on the run.”

Complex setups like this can cause employees to be less productive, feel trapped in an office, and thinking they do not have options for remote working. Employees might also assume they have no reliable channel to stay in touch with those they need to collaborate with, and apps do not cut it, according to Soluno.

In a recent interview, Elin Gunnarsson and Martin Norling, both spokespersons for Soluno, the pair told me, it is because of the expectation of advanced PBX integration on company-purchased mobile devices, and the fact that the Nordic states have a ‘mobile-first mentality.’

“We have integrated the mobile device into our UCaaS solution so workers can access native dialing, remain connected with fixed-line and mobile numbers. Eventually, you can add an app to enable more functionalities including booking meetings, call recording or adding automatic call distribution”

The region values balance and flexibility over being stuck in an office and not having the option to work from wherever they want. Swedish eCommerce website Shopify recently made a significant investment in its employee’s work-from-home setup, implying remote work might become a more permanent solution, providing employees with much-needed safety during times of uncertainty.

Soluno’s spokespersons told me, such confidence from a company could show signs that the business wants its employees to remain with them for the long-haul. They also shared, having features like the ability to handle calls, record them, and more, can impact an employee’s workday, the duo shared.

“With features like the ability to answer group numbers and to change referrals, this can make a huge difference”

And the stats are there to support this notion, as more and more employees head to the comfort of their homes to combat the spread of COVID-19. Addressing another key issue, they said issues such as compliance do not have to take the back burner, and these features should be available on mobile devices, too. The Nordic region is progressive and Soluno and takes this approach as a result.

It is for this very reason, the company’s spokespersons said, we should not have to change have to sacrifice mobility if that is what we expect both in our everyday life and our personal life. In the end, it comes down to balance, and the Nordic folks seem to be on to something with their mobile-first mentality when it comes to working.


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