Soluno and T-Mobile Netherlands Join to Enhance FMC

The duo remain enthusiastic about the cooperation they say will shake up the Dutch B2B market

Soluno and T-Mobile Netherlands Join to Enhance FMC

Four years ago, T-Mobile Netherlands began offering cloud telephony services to enterprises. Along the way, B2B Sales Director, Martijn Teekens, T-Mobile Netherlands, said the mobile operator worked hard to transform alongside the market.

He also shared, T-Mobile Netherlands had plans to fundamentally shift its product-driven approach to a more customer-centric strategy where the mobile giant focused on smart integrations, the flexibility of a mobile-first offering, and providing a “solid customer journey.”

In an interview with UC Today, he told me, “T-Mobile learned, the perfect transformation is not driven by the number of features you offer compared to legacy on-premises situations.” He added, “Enterprises need to invest time in customers and identify how they want to communicate with them.”

This is where Soluno comes in. It stepped in to assist T-Mobile in overhauling its digital transformation strategy from the ground up. Soluno’s strength lies in its mobile-first method, which now makes it straightforward for T-mobile customers to activate new lines, as well as manage features like call routing, queuing, and billing. All this, adds a great deal of muscle to T-Mobile’s already solid proposition.

Why T-Mobile Says it Wanted to Partner with Soluno

During our chat, Teekens further shared, T-Mobile Netherlands is not, what he calls “the typical operator.” According to him, the Dutch arm of T-Mobile challenges the country’s B2B market with its new plan for enterprise communications.

He says it is T-Mobile’s focus on doing a few things right that provides such a strong offering with the assistance of Soluno and its mobile network. This is all combined with what Teekens calls “Future proof fixed internet infrastructure.”

“We believed Soluno would facilitate the best cloud-based FMC solutions so we could add them to our portfolio under the TMNL brand using a combination of Mitel Telepo, BroadSoft, and Microsoft offerings”

Today, he says, T-Mobile designs its solutions with the digital customer journey in mind, where Teekens says the Dutch sect of T-Mobile extends a “Hassle-free journey within a platform designed with mobile-first in mind.”

And this method’s proven prosperous, at least according to Teekens. He says the Dutch mobile operator has listened to customer feedback to keep the business focused and to continue “Massive commercial momentum,” as he put it. To date, T-Mobile’s experienced year-over-year growth in 13 of its last 15 quarters where it took the spot as the fastest-growing B2B operator in the Netherlands.

Preparing for the Future of FMC with 5G

The future is now, and we can feel it. Especially as more mobile operators user in a new era of faster mobile speeds thanks to 5G technology. Teekens maintains 5G will bring a “World of new opportunities to the B2B market,” which is why T-Mobile Netherlands has also invested in 5G infrastructure in conjunction with T-Systems Netherlands.

The availability of 5G has the power to give Soluno and T-Mobile an even more significant competitive advantage in addition to extending more convenient mobile-based workplace communications options for those who do not work in a traditional office setting.

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