Where can I buy a Cloud Phone System?

Where can I buy a Cloud Phone System?

Communication is key for any business to ensure that you and your colleagues are available for contact at any time by customers and clients.

This can instantly increase customer satisfaction and help your business gain a better reputation for offering an excellent customer service.

A cloud telephone system must be one of the top priorities for any business to have, no matter its size and scale of operations.

Over the last 10 years, the telecommunications industry has foregone huge advances in technology. Therefore you’ll need to get up to speed on the latest features available for business.

As there are so many different variations of products available, it can be pretty difficult to understand your exact requirements.

Buying a telephone system can be a huge investment and must be thoroughly thought about before purchasing. If you think about what your telephone system needs to do now and if it should be capable for future advancements, it may be possible to choose between a traditional PBX and a cloud phone system.

So what is a cloud telephone system?

A cloud phone system is stored and hosted in a data centre. This means that there would be no need to take up any space within your business’s premises and that any technical difficulties are all taken care of by the service provider.

The cloud telephone system would be hosted on the Internet and would be quick to set up, easy to use and quite affordable. More businesses are choosing to opt for cloud phone systems as the idea of a subscription-based service may be more affordable than investing in costly hardware.

Where to buy?

Across the country there are many cloud phone system suppliers to choose, probably best to choose a brand you like and then make contact with a the vendor or a local partner for a quotation.

Here are some of the leading phone system brands in the UK (in alphabetical order):

  1. 3CX
  2. Avaya
  3. Broadsoft (Often white labelled with the reseller’s own brand label)
  4. Cisco
  5. Microsoft
  6. Mitel
  7. NEC
  8. Samsung
  9. ShoreTel
  10. Unify

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