Yeastar: How Much Value Does your UC Stack Offer?

How Resellers can differentiate in 2020

Yeastar: How Much Value Does your UC Stack Offer?

As we move into 2020, resellers and value-added partners need to start thinking about how they’re going to stand out in a competitive landscape. Now groups are entering the marketplace from every direction. It’s not just the standard telephony reseller selling unified comms anymore, but IT groups and specialists too.

So, how do you get ahead in this new landscape?

Well, the first thing that resellers need to recognise is that voice isn’t the only consideration anymore. Cloud technology has allowed companies to embrace a genuinely comprehensive “full fat” offering. In the world of SaaS, resellers can offer their customers the perfect blend of video, messaging, voice, and anything else they might need in one convenient bundle. Communication is evolving.

Creating a Comprehensive Stack

New cloud-focused resellers and partners in the communication space have proven that it’s entirely possible to create a full-fat multichannel solution for today’s consumers. While voice may still be the primary way that we communicate, there are other channels too. Messaging has grown at an astronomical rate – with more than 10 million messages being exchanged each month on apps like Facebook Messenger.

At the same time, consumers are beginning to expect the convenience of video calls on everything, thanks to things like Apple Facetime and WhatsApp video. If resellers want to succeed in the new decade, they need to ensure that they have the whole table-stakes selection of features available, from voice and video, to messaging and social media.

More importantly, resellers also need to be sure that the solutions that they’re offering aren’t just the same things that customers can get anywhere. We’ve got too many repetitive core platforms out there. The market is flooded by players. It’s time for something new.

Start with the Foundations and Work Your Way Up

Creating a differentiated solution isn’t just about having the latest technology; it’s about providing that comprehensive stack of tools in a platform that just works. Customers don’t have time for things that are complex and overwhelming anymore. Your clients want experiences that are just as intuitive as the ones that they get from their consumer apps. Tools need to be easy to buy, provision and maintain. After all, it’s incredibly easy to just switch networks if you’re not getting what you need from a provider.

The switching culture that we live in today means that customers have no patience for old-fashioned issues like latency and jitter. They want out-of-the-box excellence combined with unbeatable customer service. To create something like that, resellers need to make sure that they’re building their stack with the right technology.

Companies like Yeastar have been delivering reliable communications to resellers and their customers for a number of years now. They can deliver the convenience that resellers are looking for when it comes to building an all-in-one, extensible system for differentiated communications. With technology like this at the helm, resellers can ensure that they have the core foundations they need in place to build a communication portfolio that’s simple, flexible, and prepared for the future.

A margin-rich future for resellers begins with three things:

  • The right technology
  • A comprehensive vision
  • Excellent and intuitive service

As a leading provider of SME PBX systems, Yeastar specialise in delivering all three.


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