Virsae Discusses Data, AI and CX Insights

Virsae talks about the transformative tech in CX

Virsae Discusses Data, AI and CX Insights

Now that customers demand more from their transactional experiences than ever before, businesses are forced to think more carefully about how they deliver service. Transformative technology like artificial intelligence and automation are being built on the back of crucial data analytics. These solutions are beginning to pave the way for a new kind of customer experience strategy.

Virsae is a cloud communications company that allows businesses around the world to monitor and manage their services in a more comprehensive way. Virsae believes that in 2019, the adoption of AI and automation will skyrocket, leading the way to self-healing systems and proactive solutions. Virsae’s ability to harvest billions of pieces of data in the cloud using their Data Lake Technology stack means that they’re already gaining insights on a global scale which they can deliver to their customers in a variety of ways.

We spoke to COO, Ross Williams about how Virsae has evolved to support the new CX journey.

Tell Us About Virsae and Where it Came From?

Ross Williams

Ross Williams

Ross Williams is the COO of Virsae. He’s been with the business right from the start, and he told me that it’s not the first company that him and his co-founders began. “In the beginning, we were software developers who created a piece of software that worked for Avaya platforms in the 90s. We discovered a market for softphone integration and developed our solution into a toolkit which eventually became Contact Centre Express.”

Williams’ company quickly caught the attention of Avaya, who purchased the business in 2009. After that, the founders of Virsae started looking for new ways to transform the communication environment. We noticed that UC managers were struggling to manage the IT in their UC environments. They couldn’t find and fix problems with ease or see into the solutions they were using.”

Although the need for service management has always been around in the communication space, it fell to Virsae to make a solution accessible to IT teams. “We have profound roots in service management. We simply decided that it was time to bring the IT service management framework into the communication environment, to improve insights and reduce management overhead.”

Where Did the Big Data and AI Strategy Come From?

Recently, Virsae launched a new 45-point system health check for UC companies that examines everything from customer experience to availability. Using hundreds of millions of pieces of data collected from calls each month, the Virsae AI engine can pinpoint issues that humans simply can’t see on their own. I was interested to find out where the path to AI began for Virsae.

Williams told me that Virsae made some critical decisions early on that laid the groundwork for their AI solution. “We decided to write from the cloud early on, as we thought it would be better and easier for both our customers and us. We made this decision right out of the gate, and it helped us to build this environment where we can deliver services to anywhere with an internet connection.”

The billions of conversations that Virsae analyses each year go to the same central database, meaning that they have a fantastic environment through which they can access useful insights. Applying AI to the business simply meant that Virsae could continue to deliver incredible and actionable solutions to their customers.

“Every 2 weeks, we also push out a new code that’s available to everyone in the world”

“There are no complicated processes involved, and we can instantly bring thousands of services and processes online through the cloud”

According to Ross, the decision to embrace cloud early was probably one of the best that Virsae ever made.

What’s the Most Impressive Thing About Your Insights?

As a company that collects such a vast amount of data, Virsae has a lot to offer when it comes to market insights and information. According to Williams, when you receive so much global data over a long period, you eventually reach a point where you can start to make predictions. “You can see what will happen within certain time periods or situations. We can then take what we learn to customers and help them to avoid issues before they happen.”

The workflow engine that Virsae has in place is constantly changing too. This means that they can both fix problems when they happen and prevent issues from happening in the future. “Every day our solution keeps getting better. We can stop our customers from having to deal with the drudgery of repetitive work too.”

What’s the Roadmap for Virsae in the Future?

Virsae is in the process of ticking a lot of crucial boxes for employee and customer experience. “The customer is at risk every time someone has an interaction with the contact centre. What we can see through thousands of customer interactions, is that things don’t always go according to plan.”

Virsae is on hand to address problems and deliver insights for customers so that they can enhance their CX solution.

“The big push for us this year is developing more AI and turning our data into actionable knowledge for customers”

“It’s also automating things so that IT teams can spend more time doing things that transform the business.”


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