Voxbone Offers Instant Connectivity in 460 Places

Voxbone opens Megaport-powered interconnection

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Published: June 17, 2019

Rebekah Carter

Voxbone, a global provider of communication solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes, recently introduced a new connectivity strategy for its customers. The team at Voxbone is dedicated to making it simpler for companies to set up and manage their communication solutions. As the world of communication and collaboration becomes more complex, Voxbone’s CaaS solutions have upgraded its Voxbone Connect interconnection offering to support an even wider range of customers.

Thanks to the deployment solutions offered by Megaport, a leading provider of network-as-a-service and connectivity solutions, Voxbone is now able to scale its communication strategy securely and globally within a matter of seconds.

Expanding Voxbone Connect

Voxbone is a wide-spread global company, representing no less than 34 different nationalities. With Voxbone Connect, customers will be able to access the benefits of Voxbone’s enterprise-level network quality, without having to worry about scale issues. Interconnection with the state-of-the-art solutions from Megaport ensures that Voxbone can deliver the safest, shortest, and best-possible journey for enterprise communications.

All the while, the company can continue to provide lower latency than VPNs or open internet connections can offer alone. With the additional option to interconnect via Megaport, customers in the Voxbone community will now have an unmatched range of opportunities for how they want to deliver their business communications. This includes access to business VPNs, the open internet, and direct interconnection.

Global Communication in the Cloud

Matt Brown
Matt Brown

According to Voxbone, the recent decision to partner with Megaport is part of the company’s ongoing strategy to deliver enterprise-level communication solutions to companies across the globe. Voxbone is thrilled to be extending the reach of their core network even further, ensuring that it reaches every corner of the world.

The VP of product at Voxbone, Matt Brown, said that Voxbone Connect would ensure that customers have the opportunity to connect directly to the Voxbone network from over 460 locations, across 22 countries. Customers will also be able to connect to major cloud providers like Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS. Regardless of location, Voxbone customers can be up and running quickly with the performance and security they expect from SD-WAN solutions.



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