Yeastar Welcomes New Age of Unified Comms 3.0

Our comprehensive review covers how Yeastar is today enabling UC 3.0 through its Cloud PBX system

Yeastar Welcomes New Age of Unified Comms 3.0

We’re sitting on the cusp of a shift in UC. As we grow more concerned with positive user experiences, enterprises look toward vendors that take a more holistic approach to Unified Communications. What I mean by this is, vendors are now creating a more seamless experience for customers, users, teams, and businesses.

Why? We can base this on factors such as increased demand for mobility, the ability for users to bring their own devices, reliability, hosting, security, and next-level customer engagement journeys that are now expected. Enterprises must also consider collaboration tools. This holds true, especially as the workplace becomes more mobile. According to a recent study, some 70 percent of employees work remotely at least once a week.

Because of this rising demand, vendors have overhauled their system framework and built single-stack solutions that provide a seamless and intuitive experience for business comms. Under the UC 2.0 model, enterprises used legacy PBX systems, which limited them due to the lack of agility.

Today’s Cloud PBX systems offer benefits like reduced cost, smart ways to manage staff resources, and excellent security. Likely one of the most important benefits of Cloud migration is streamlined experiences: employees feel more comfortable and present in a workplace if they can access company systems from their mobile device or home computer.

Yeastar offers these features, which give partners and service providers flexibility. Service providers can even integrate their own technology into Yeastar’s Cloud PBX through APIs.They can incorporate CRM integrations like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics as well.

Below, I will explore how Yeastar’s Cloud PBX enhances customer, user, team, and business experiences and offers ease of deployment.

Yeastar PBX Cloud Calling Features

Good customer experiences can give enterprises advantages over their competition. Resellers looking for Cloud PBX systems now demand extensive capabilities to provide omnichannel experiences in real-time. Yeastar tackles this head-on, and here’s how.

Call routing: With Yeastar’s Cloud PBX system, service providers control the number of users and concurrent calls they allow with a few clicks. This makes handling the smallest and largest set of customer demands simpler. It also provides telecom resellers with the flexibility to give service providers the capacity that best suits their needs.

Interoperability: Through APIs and apps like the Linkus Unified Communications App, users can communicate in real-time with vital features such as instant messaging. CRM, collaboration features, and call management from desktops, iOS, and Android devices are also a possibility with a Yeastar Cloud PBX.

Yeastar Cloud PBX Collaboration Features

Yeastar further enables team collaboration. They do so via video calls, conference panels, and unified messaging. Group chat is available, too. No matter where employees are, they can connect with customers and each other.

Yeastar Cloud PBX CX Features

Yeastar’s Cloud PBX has Call Detail Records, Queuing, WebRTC Click-to-Call and a plethora of other robust call/contact center features. The bundle of features makes it simple to communicate across organizations.

IVR: Interactive Voice Response assists in saving time and energy for staff and allows them to provide smoother customer experiences via personalized prompts that route calls to the right department, the first time.

AutoCLIP: This feature caters to convenience by helping customers find previous support agents they spoke with. Such a feature is  useful in eliminating issues like having to describe the reason for a call repeatedly, a situation we have all experienced and surely wish to avoid.

Yeastar Cloud PBX Management Features

Here is where Yeastar offers the most flexibility. Resellers and telecom service providers can customize their platform and use their own data center if they have the resources to do so. Yeastar even enables full contact centers functionalities and lets service providers add chatbots for self-service.

All this helps telecom resellers and providers differentiate their offerings. Resellers looking to become service providers, therefore have the resources to integrate other technologies and platforms.

What I like about Yeastar, is that it does all the heavy lifting, so you do not have to. A robust set of security features that makes hosting with Yeastar worth-while. In a matter of minutes, resellers and service providers can deliver a powerful solution.

Yeastar Management Plane: Through Yeastar Management Plane, resellers and service providers have a centralized avenue of managing and creating their cloud communications platform. There, it is possible to view real-time CPU, network, memory, storage, and alarm notifications.

There are also a host of other management features including:

  • ITSP configuration templates
  • Multi-level user access
  • Web troubleshooting
  • Remote management
  • Trunk import/export
  • Backup/restore
  • Auto cleanup

Pricing and licensing

Yeastar lets resellers and service providers add/remove the features they need at any time according to their needs, under the guise of a pay-as-you-go pricing structure.

Bottom Line

If you have ever been to a website and struggled to find a direct way to contact the owner, Yeastar figured you aren’t alone. With Yeastar’s Cloud PBX, users can add call functionalities to their website, providing the option to call sales and customer support from the web or mobile interfaces.

If your concern is a system failure, Yeastar has it covered, ensuring its enhanced failover solution goes to work in the event of an outage. This way, there is minimal downtime and profit loss.

If you want to try Yeastar’s Cloud PBX, you can take advantage of a free 30-day trial, which requires no hardware. The trial supports 20 softphone extensions for desktop and mobile, four concurrent calls, and has an intuitive web GUI for system administrators and users.

Of the Cloud PBX Systems on the market, Yeastar offers one of the most straight forward approaches to cloud telephony.



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