AvePoint – First Office 365 Restore Bot

Introducing the first Office 365 restore bot

AvePoint – First Office 365 Restore Bot

AvePoint, a company dedicated to creating best-in-class software in the communications space, recently announced AVA, the AvePoint Virtual Assistant. AVA is the first bot developed within Microsoft Teams to find and restore Office 365 content for end users. The application is available as a “freemium” purchase from the Microsoft Teams store.

AvePoint already has a rich portfolio of tools available for the consumers of the Microsoft Teams portfolio, including cloud and on-premise services for governance, data protection, and record management. Now, the new AVA bot will ensure that when Office 365 struggle to locate their crucial files, they can find the data they need with ease.

Find Your Office 365 Files Instantly

Instead of contacting the IT team, Office 365 users with AVA will be able to chat directly with the virtual assistant. AVA automatically performs in-depth searches based on the user permission details associated with the end user in Outlook, Exchange, and OneDrive recycle bins. If something has been accidentally deleted, AVA will restore the file, even if it’s not where it should be.

AVA works best when it’s combined with existing solutions from AvePoint, such as the Cloud Backup solution for Office 365. This backup system gives AVA more scope to find content that isn’t retained by the native backup capabilities in Office 365, so you’re less likely to lose a crucial document.

Currently, AvePoint Cloud Backup supports over 6 million Office 365 users in SaaS instances through countless Azure and Office 365 environments. According to the co-CEO of AvePoint, Tianyi Jiang, AVA helps to accelerate AvePoint’s position as a leader in Office 365 backup solutions. AvePoint was the first company capable of delivering SaaS backups for all of Office 365, and now they’re making end-user recovery solutions even simpler through chatbot technology.

More Control Over the Office 365 Experience

As a valuable part of the AvePoint cloud experience, AVA will give business end-users more control over their files, ensuring that teams remain as productive as possible. By quickly helping users to restore, find and access the content that they need, AVA will make sure that IT professionals don’t have to spend as much of their time searching through Office 365 recycle bins to discover lost content.

According to Jiang, AvePoint plans on continuing to develop their chatbot experience, so that businesses can do more without relying on the IT team. In the months to come, AvePoint plans on adding all major languages into the AVA system, with natural language processing capabilities that will further build on Ava’s ability to integrate with a full solution portfolio for Office 365.


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