‘Conversation Intelligence’ Platform Chorus.ai explained

Why this deceptively simple solution could make a genuine difference for businesses

‘Conversation Intelligence’ Platform Chorus.ai explained

Chorus.ai is a video calling and call management software solution with a specific focus on sales. The product is geared to action, manage, record, and transcribe calls in real time, while marking key action items and important topics, arrived at during the duration of these calls.

As Roy Raanani, CEO and Co-Founder at Chorus.ai points out: “Win rates increase by 33% with a proper coaching program in place, yet most managers don’t have the time to sit in on calls, and no one has the capacity to learn from the thousands of meetings that take place each quarter.”

“Chorus.ai lets companies immediately discover moments that impact selling outcomes and that can be used for real-time sales coaching, for collaboration, and for replicating what works.”

Further, Chorus.ai also works as a repository of vital data and references, which sales teams can later use, becoming a driver of deeper learning, expanded training capabilities, and advanced insights. Strategically also, this would help workforces streamline communication, organize faster and error-free follow-ups, keeping an eye on timelines, productivity, and long and short-term goal setting.

Unravelling Chorus.ai

Every sales call and customer meeting session is stored in its Conversation Cloud, and this leads to greater analytical possibilities, with the ability foster wider collaboration across the organisation – ensuring companies are agile, customer-focused, and data-centric.

Installation for the Chorus.ai is fast and hassle-free, with instantaneous insights. Regardless of the various components in use, by different sales and marketing teams, Chorus.ai is built to for quick integration and can be actioned with minimal incubation or induction scenarios.

Chorus.ai comes with a broad list of features across several key delivery bundles. Here is a comprehensive list of the same:

Call Recording Features 

  • File transfer, archiving and instant retrieval
  • Call sharing and transcribing
  • Distributed, event-triggered, on-demand, or scheduled call recording
  • Screen activity recording
  • Video call recording
  • Recording bookmarking

Inside Sales Features

  • Auto-dialling
  • Call list management
  • Campaign management
  • Data management
  • Lead capture, distribution, and scoring
  • Performance management
  • Comprehensive dashboard

Sales Coaching Features

  • Onboarding and assessments
  • Audio/video conferencing
  • Built-in course authoring
  • Gamification learning plans
  • Goal setting/tracking
  • Performance metrics

Sales Enablement Features

  • Collaboration
  • Contact management
  • Content and document management
  • Goals/quota management
  • Lead and meeting management
  • Proposal and presentation management
  • Territory management
  • Training and performance management

Opinions – Why Chorus.ai makes sense

With its exhaustive feature-list, the product helps to streamline calling in general, with the possibility to playback recordings and gather an idea of what went wrong or right, helping sales managers/teams improve their delivery and articulation of a particular value proposition. What’s more, feedback from a client/customer can also be relayed directly to the team, leading to limited information loss, and heightened alignment.

As simple as it sounds, this has a major impact on workforce management, project management, tasks and assignments – thereby leading to overall enterprise productivity and performance management for sales teams. One of the biggest benefits, here, is the ability to relay customer response directly to product developers, without the essentials being lost in translation. However, the platform’s UX still needs some work, users note, and Chorus often struggles to accurately transcribe multilingual conversations, especially in case the speakers have accents.

However, this kind of a learning curve is only expected, and Chorus continues to deliver timely updates, adding capabilities and addressing bugs. Clearly, Chorus.ai is a definitive change-agent, enhancing efficiencies and effectiveness.

Have you experience with Chorus.ai? Let us know if you have and your thoughts in the comments below.

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