Gather Collects New Opportunities for Collaboration

Introducing the new Gather platform

Gather Collects New Opportunities for Collaboration

A new web collaboration service has just appeared on the market after six months of careful planning and testing. Launched by Founder, Scott Goodwin, the “Gather” collaboration tool is a service designed to offer customisable teamwork solutions for modern businesses.

The collaborative tool was created by productivity analysts, anthropologists, tech innovators, and telecom experts to deliver a more comprehensive solution for web-based meetings. Through the service, customers can access an integrated platform which plans, executes, records, and files meeting sessions to suit your company needs.

A White-Label Collaboration Tool

Designed for recruiters, coaches, product managers and more, Gather is a collaborative service built on a foundation of personalisation. The brand wanted to develop something that users could customise with a completely bespoke and branded user experience. You can add your own logo, branded domain, and personalised greetings to the system. Even invites and reminders use your logo instead of the Gather watermark.

For customisation, there’s also the option to add studio-recorded custom audio signatures to welcome people to your meetings. Features include:

  • Artificial Intelligence bots to capture transcripts and offer analytical insights
  • HD video and audio recording
  • Quick-and-easy search feature with hashtags
  • Screensharing and document uploads
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Calendar integration and time zone management
  • Meeting lock security and security codes
  • One-time access codes for private calls
  • SSL and AES 256 bit encryption

The service is entirely mobile-friendly too, with access to locally accessible numbers in more than 80 countries. For your standard business calls, toll-free numbs are available in over 50 countries. What’s more, the meshed global networks provided by Gather keep latency and jitter to a minimum.

Simplifying the Workplace

Gather is available on any device anywhere, complete with an immersive AI-enhanced experience. The cutting-edge intelligent technology collects high-level contextual data from every meeting, including HD video, audio, and even transcriptions.

The completely-brandable Gather collaboration service gives today’s customers a more personalised online experience. Matthew Townend, board member for the Cavell Group, commented on the tool on LinkedIn, stating that the use of the AI for specific sector requirements has been very impressive.

Gather Founder, Scott Goodwin will be sharing some of his experience in building the Gather collaboration service at the September Cloud Comms summit. What’s more, Townend noted:

“We are also starting to use Gather ourselves, so the next meeting some of you may have will be on Scott’s product”


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