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Mobile Work Management Solution Skedulo Raises $28M

Skedulo's Founder and CEO said timing is a major catalyst that’s contributed to successful funding rounds totaling nearly $41 million

Mobile Work Management Solution Skedulo Raises $28M

Skedulo offers desktop and mobile scheduling services for remote workers, which helps employers keep track of hours. Skedulo also assists in pairing managers and remote workers.

Among its many other functions, Skedulo connects with several enterprise applications including Workday, ServiceNow, and Salesforce, along with being fully-customizable for countless industries. With a laundry list of high-level capabilities, it comes as no surprise the company recently announced a $28M Series B funding round – led by M12, Microsoft’s in-house venture fund.

I sat down with Matt Fairhurst, Founder, and CEO at Skedulo who gave me some insight into their portfolio, and how Skedulo plans to use the funds. In total, Fairhurst said, Skedulo’s raised almost $41 million in five years, a sign of the growing penetration of workplace collaboration and productivity tools, which have shaken up the Unified Communications market.

A unique position in the UC marketplace

With a unique place in the UC market, Fairhurst said a boom in mobile workers and mobile technology have facilitated an environment where mission-critical apps now exist for those who don’t sit behind a desk all day.

Fairhurst said:

“From an investor standpoint, our mission is resonating because we’re a part of a paradigm shift of innovation for those who don’t sit behind a desk all day”

The size, scale, and ambition of Skedulo’s solution also have a lot to do with its success. Skedulo’s key differentiators play another role. For starters, Skedulo is young, they build exciting and engaging consumer-grade solutions, made clear by Skedulo’s UX and UI. Developers at Skedulo have spent a great deal of time building optimized and automatic workflow features that streamline tasks like routing as well as real-time scheduling.

It is clear, they built Skedulo with agility and flexibility in mind, understanding companies can no longer expect customers from various industries to adapt their technologies to fit a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

Skedulo has big plans for its Series B funding

Fairhurst expanded on how Skedulo plans to use the recent round of funding to optimize its web platform and mobile app. They want to enhance Skedulo’s chat, workforce management, back office scheduling, along with its mobile app for work execution and data entry features. As it stands, the solution already solves several real-world problems for a mobile workforce, so seeing what it does next to continue accommodating a static workplace will be interesting.


Skedulo even hopes to improve functionalities that enable teams to collaborate, send updates to meeting attendees if traffic conditions change, receive reminders to send time sheets, and more. These are the elements of what Fairhurst calls ‘free communication’ which he wants to ‘beef up.’

The UC field is diversifying daily, and the validation of yet another collaboration and workforce management tool in the form of a $28 million investment is an affirmation of that.


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