Yamaha CS-700 Review – Improving the Huddle Room Experience

Read our review of the Yamaha CS-700 video conferencing system for team collaboration

Yamaha CS-700 Review – Improving the Huddle Room Experience

As one of the world’s most highly revered and widely recognisable manufacturers of high end audio products, from guitars and keyboards to speakers, microphones and everything in between, there is no doubting Yamaha’s reputation as a reliable brand – but how does it fare in a business setting?

With this in mind, we have decided to write a product review on the Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System to determine just exactly what features and benefits it can bring to a business and what specific types of businesses can benefit most from investing in it.

Before we continue however, we must inform you that we are not trying to sell this product and this is an impartial review written by a team of professionals with years of experience working within the IT and Telecommunications Industry.

Yamaha CS-700

The CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System for Huddle Rooms

What is the Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System?

As business continues to evolve, the emergence of 6-8 people huddle group meetings is rapidly increasing in popularity and fast becoming the preferred type of collaborative working environment for businesses wanting to brainstorm, share ideas, hold presentations and make contact with other huddle groups from different locations over the internet. Typically, the huddle groups take place in small meeting rooms and require a solution that can make the most of the small space and provide all the necessary tools needed to help the group share information with one another in a fast, efficient and effective manner…this is where the Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System comes in!

What can the Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System do?

With its Remote Manageability feature, the Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System allows administrators to easily manage large numbers of the CS-700s, upgrading them remotely and configuring the appropriate settings en masse automatically through the IP interface for a swift and efficient update. By doing this, the Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System easily reduces the amount of time and cost it would take to update each huddle room’s CS-700 individually.

To allow for the potential small sizing of huddle rooms, and the fact that members of these meetings are often squeezed quite tightly in close proximity to the hub, the Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System offers an Industry-Leading 120 Degree Ultra-Wide Angle Camera to ensure that everyone involved in the meeting is captured on screen. By doing this, nobody in the meeting is left out and the person/people watching on the other end can see everyone as if they were sat there in the room with them.

As well as impeccable video quality, the Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System takes years of professional corporate audio experience within Yamaha and Revolabs and uses it to create an Outstanding Audio Experience Like No Other. With a beamforming microphone that picks up every spoken word with absolute clarity and delivers it with lifelike precision to the person on the other end and a four-element speaker bar that provides the room with outstanding audio, the CS-700 creates a communication experience that is as close to lifelike as possible.

As well as this, the Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System also offers full USB & SIP Support, thus replacing the need for a separate conference phone in the huddle room to save further investment of time and money. Also, the deice also supports business communication apps such as Skype for Business, Google Chromebox for Meetings, BlueJeans, Zoom and many more for a truly unified conferencing tool that houses all a huddle groups needs in a single location.

What do we like the most?

Though there are many things that appealed to us with the Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System, we have to admit that the inclusion of the 120 degree wide angle camera was a highly impressive feature that really shows how much thought was put into the design of this product. It is these subtle features that truly demonstrate the perfectionism of Yamaha and how they have done everything they can to create a hub that is ideal for huddle room meeting environments.

UC Today Opinion

When looking at all the features available to users on the Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System, we believe that it is a truly innovative product that would be hugely beneficial to any business that holds regular huddle meetings and its purchase would be a wise investment for improving the collaborative working environment of any company. User-friendly, scalable and easy to maintain, we rate this product highly and can’t recommend it enough to any businesses looking to gain an edge over their competitors.

Having said that, if you have tried this product and feel differently, or if you wish to ask any questions about Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System and the features it offers, please feel free to submit your thoughts to the comments section at the bottom of the page and we’ll be happy to help in anyway we can.


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AvatarIngemar Sandén 12:03, 01 Mar 2018

I am not very impressed by the Yamaha CS-700. We tested it today with different computers. When you work in a blended environment (not all computers of latest model) it could be tricky. It absolutely needs USB 3.0. The camera wide angle is nice and sound is good but a regular Logitech webcam like 920 or 922 gives a much better and sharper image. Yamahas is a bit blurry and darker than others.

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