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Zoom.ai Review – Add Intelligence to Collaboration Services

AI functionality delivers productivity gains to Teams & more

Zoom.ai Review – Add Intelligence to Collaboration Services

One of the hot topics in Unified Communications today is Artificial Intelligence (AI). And one of the leading providers of AI based solutions is Zoom.ai. But exactly who are Zoom.ai and what do they offer UC users?

Zoom.ai started life in 2016 after identifying a need to minimise workplace disruption often associated with high-volume low-level tasks. Their mission is to give everyone in a company their own automated assistant so that they can focus on their higher-value job duties. The Zoom.ai productivity solution takes care of tasks such as scheduling and getting prepared for a meeting, introductions to people you want to meet, travel logistics, and more.

It is estimated that during a standard working week by McKinsey Research Institute that around 61% of the time is spent on tasks that have limited positive impact on productivity such as searching for and gathering information, or communicating and co-ordinating internally.

In a nutshell, Zoom.ai is a chat-based productivity tool that helps employees securely automate everyday tasks including scheduling meetings, searching for files, managing the CRM and generating documents, thus helping employees to work better.

The Zoom.ai product overview

Zoom.ai has 4 core products:

  • Smart Meetings allows users to easily and quickly schedule, update and cancel meetings whilst helping them to prepare by providing a snapshot of all parties involved, be that internal or external.
  • Information Discovery helps users save time and reduces the workload on other colleagues by searching through the data stores, ticketing functionality or extensive knowledge base.
  • Document Generation assists users to create documents and presentations all within the same chat application. They can then amend and edit the documents before downloading and sending on as required.
  • CRM Automation lets users be more efficient during data entry by making CRM information accessible and conversational. Easily view, create and modify key CRM information directly from chat.

So how does it do this magic?

Zoom.ai sits directly between a company’s chat platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Slack, etc, and the business applications such as Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc. The four core products are designed to be simple to deploy and set up and automate administrative tasks where employees lose time through the use of industry leading AI driven chatbots.

Is it only available in English?

Zoom.ai understands almost any language (including Afrikaans, Arabic, Cantonese & Mandarin, Hebrew, Persian and many more), but will only respond in five languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese), the Natural Language Processing feature can auto-detect which language is being used and respond accordingly. It has the ability to understand user intent and user preferences and is conversationally context aware. What’s more, the technology is constantly learning in the background to improve the user experience.

What applications does Zoom.ai integrate with?

The out-of-the-box installation works with over 50 applications across all aspects of critical business software – chat, office productivity, ticketing, data storage and sharing. What’s more, should additional integrations be required then Zoom.ai will work with organisations to further expand the assistant’s capabilities. This makes it a dream for IT.

Businesses are also able to future-proof their automated assistant by building customised skill extensions on top of our products with solutions like Zapier, Microsoft Flow, and Workato.

Sounds like it might be a real headache for our IT teams to install, deploy and manage then?

Zoom.ai has been designed to be simple to set up so your IT department can focus on more productive and strategic tasks. Zoom.ai will work with the IT team to ensure seamless integration and set up, that it is installed within your office’s chat platform, and that the right users have the right access.

Zoom.ai also provides the ability for strong admin control so that IT admins can easily add and remove users, securely integrate with existing tech stack, and ensure corporate standards are maintained and data is safe and secure.

You mention that it’s secure, but how secure?

Security is arguably the number one concern for organisations across the globe today and Zoom.ai take it just as seriously with a commitment to privacy, user data protection, and transparency about security measures and policies.

  • Enterprise level encryption with both AES 256 and SSL
  • GDPR Compliant so Users can access and manage their data through our GDPR Portal
  • OAUTH2 Login removing the ability to access Usernames and Passwords
  • Penetration and Threat Detection Testing on a weekly basis with Qualys Guard Express and reports available upon request
  • Minimal Data Footprint with need-based data access (based on product and individual user needs) with visibility and control for IT

How are different teams using Zoom.ai to improve their productivity?

Zoom.ai’s suite of tools allow teams across an organisation to improve the way they work and improve their productivity. Here we’ve highlighted just a handful of Use Cases to show the versatility of Zoom.ai:

  • How to increase Sales productivity?

By automating meeting scheduling for both client and internal meetings whilst being able to generate standard contracts or documents right within chat, Zoom.ai help sales teams get back to selling. Simply by chatting with their assistant, they can find answers to product or technical questions, access applications, find marketing collateral, and even manage their deals in their CRM, all while on-the-go.

  • Helping HR and Recruitment teams.

Recruiters and HR professionals are able to provide an enhanced candidate experiences through the application of Zoom.ai’s suite of tools and assistants. Painlessly schedule candidate interviews without negotiating time slots, book in quick internal syncs with business lines to align on talent needs and progresses, and then generate the contracts and NDAs in seconds. Zoom.ai will also help them to even get instantaneous snapshots on candidates before meeting them.

  • Streamline your IT Helpdesks

Empower employees by letting them get answers easily and quickly. Employees can simply chat with Zoom.ai to find answers to common troubleshooting or IT policy questions instead of calling the help desk, which improves experience while reducing help desk call volume. Employees can even submit help desk tickets or get updates on ticket statuses – all within chat.

  • Excel in the onboarding experience

Leave a good first impression on an employee’s first day. Any information they will need is accessible at their fingertips, like answers to FAQs or instructions on how to set up printers and emails. They can easily access applications like HR systems, time sheet systems, and more. To get to know other employees faster, they can ask Zoom.ai to book internal meetings in an instant.

How does Zoom.ai work with collaboration suites such as Microsoft Teams?

Designed to work alongside your other business applications, Zoom.ai is the perfect companion to the likes of Microsoft Teams. As detailed already, everyday simple tasks can be carried out by the AI engine in Zoom.ai, meaning that scheduling and organising meetings or creating documents can now be automated. This short video was created by Microsoft Teams to showcase how they work with Zoom.ai.


In summary

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we communicate from contact centres to collaboration tools and Zoom.ai have certainly created an exciting suite of AI based solutions that can help most employees to become more productive. It’s certainly worth taking a closer look at what Zoom.ai can do you your organisation and your employees in improving the employee experience.

Learn more about Zoom.ai and their suite of productivity tools.


4.6 out of 5

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