Templafy: Document Collaboration Made Simple

Maintain consistent branding across presentations, emails, and documents

Templafy: Document Collaboration Made Simple

After Slack announced it reached 10 million daily users, many questioned the longevity of email as the grandfather of workplace communication. Microsoft Teams also recently celebrated a milestone, reaching 13 million daily users. With the goal of productivity and collaboration in mind, both solutions work to solve countless workplace quagmires that might arise.

Although one of the key components of the Slack and MS Teams equation is productivity, neither solve issues such as document formatting and management. For employees in industries where documents are often sent and received, such as law and accounting firms that spend a lot of time compiling and formatting documents – Templafy presents a user-friendly solution.

Templafy also offers email signature management for consistent and accessible email signatures. Along with a ‘library’ add on for users to add company images, approved text, and PDFs into emails without leaving Outlook – there’s no doubt they’re serious about productivity. Templafy’s Co-Founder, Christian Lund, said they offer consistency of branding, easy access to key documents, and more.

“We do this so customers have a greater opportunity to benefit from Templafy’s solutions. Templafy additionally grants users access to best practices, as well as approved company content, ensuring users can reuse or re-purpose documents with confidence.”

You could say investors have too, taken a liking to the productivity rich nature of Templafy and have so far invested $40.1 million into the startup. This includes private investors Insight Venture Partners, DAWN Capital, and SEED Capital, according to Lund.

Enhancing UX through branding and consistency

“Brand consistency builds brand integrity. If you want people to perceive your company as a professional organization, your documents, presentations, and emails should all have consistent branding”

“In some industries like consultancy and legal industry these documents are often the end-product – increasing the importance of branding and compliance,” Lund said.

Lund continued; employees create tons of documents, presentation, and emails every day. He explained, this kind of volume makes branding business documents ‘important and powerful tool for communicating the brand of a company.’

Templafy’s add-ins integrate with the document creation application, so the user experience is seamless. It also integrates with Microsoft Office, Office 365, and has a manageable deployment process.

According to Lund, the solution has features that support employees throughout all steps in the document creation process from accessing correct assets, building documents, to proofing for compliance, and formatting. So, when it comes to user experience, Templafy makes it more comfortable to maintain consistent branding across presentations, emails, and documents.

Templafy is on track for success

Given Templafy’s level of agility and scalability, and the fact that the startup is Cloud-native makes its business model an evergreen one. More importantly, it helps them leverage stronger integration capabilities with other applications/software in the enterprise content management ecosystem.

With this business model and key differentiators, the company should see much future success, and what we can assume will be many more rounds of funding. The future of the space is still unclear, although I am certain Templafy will emerge as one of the top contenders in the arena, especially once the market reaches maturity.


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