Zoom Video and Sennheiser Join Forces

Sennheiser and Zoom come together

Zoom Video and Sennheiser Join Forces

Leaders in the world of video conferencing and collaboration, Zoom Video Communications, recently announced their partnership with Sennheiser. Known for its award-winning headsets and business solutions, Sennheiser delivers some of the best endpoints and peripherals in the marketplace. Together, the two companies will be working hand-in-hand to provide more enhanced experiences for virtual collaboration in the workplace.

The Cloud-based video communications provided by Zoom, combined with Sennheiser’s state-of-the-art HD audio for companies and their seamless management of call control systems, will mean great things for users. According to the two businesses, the users of both Zoom and Sennheiser products will be able to combine their solutions and make the most of Zoom’s high-quality video meetings, powered by the premium audio experience that Sennheiser specialises in.

Combining Excellent Video and Audio

Theis Mork

Theis Mork

Sennheiser’s range of impressive speakerphones and headsets, including the latest speakerphone, the SP 30, come with complete interoperability for the Zoom Meetings experience for Windows. This enhanced interoperability will offer integrations with effortless call control solutions, improving the meeting experience, and giving administrators more control. Additionally, users will also be able to enjoy better simplicity in their conferences, which opens the door for higher productivity.

According to the Vice President of Product Management solutions for the enterprise at Sennheiser, Theis Mork, today’s teams are collaborating more than ever before. As the collaboration environment grows more diverse, excellent video and audio solutions are essential to productivity and efficiency. Sennheiser has said that its “delighted” to be announcing a new corporation between their team and the Zoom business. The combined brands will be working to transform any conferencing environment into a collaborative and productive experience with natural conversation experiences.

Optimising Customer Experience

Chris DeNovellis

Chris DeNovellis

According to the Partnerships Development Manager for Zoom, Chris DeNovellis, the leading video brand, is continuously looking for new ways to streamline and enhance the customer experience. By working with a market leader like Sennheiser, Zoom will be able to provide the experiences that customers need when it comes to audio quality. The solutions created by both Zoom and Sennheiser seem to complement each other perfectly, leading to a premium video and audio experience for teams across the globe.

Zoom and Sennheiser showcased their new offerings at InfoComm 2019 this year.



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