Mondago to Talk Innovation with APIs at CCS 2019

Mondago talks APIs and Integrations at Cloud Comms Summit 2019

Mondago to Talk Innovation with APIs at CCS 2019

The beginning of March brings with it one of the most critical events in the UK for cloud communication providers. The Cloud Comms Summit, taking place in London on March 7th, will be the 10th conference in the series. More than 350 people will come together to keep track of crucial topics, share best practices with international peers, and connect with new people.

Focusing on innovation and growth, the event will explore new ways for businesses to tackle some of the most pressing industry challenges. Mondago, one of the leading providers of CRM integration solutions and computer telephony software, is excited to attend. We spoke to Rob Cox, the Commercial Director of Mondago, who told us all about what his company will be bringing to the Cloud Comms Summit for 2019.

Do You Think the Event is Getting Better?

As the event continues to gain commendation in the communication marketplace, I was keen to find out Rob’s opinions. Mondago has been a sponsor for the Cloud Comms Summit for 2 years now, and they consider the event to be the most important in the UK for their brand. “It attracts service providers and platform vendors, which is great for us. In the last 12 months, we’ve also begun to see the event grow in other regions around the world too!”.

The Cloud Comms Summit is packed full of people who can benefit from what Mondago has to offer. Mondago will be attending the event with a stand and around 5 people who can guide attendees through their offerings. Additionally, they’re particularly excited about their upcoming speaker slot, which is called “Developing and Innovating with APIs.

“It’s convenient timing actually because we’re now introducing a new desktop API. Historically, we’ve always provided APIs, but now we’re going to be exploring new things for our desktop client APIs too. This is going to be very useful for people writing desktop applications”

What Else Will You Be Bringing to the Show?

Rob Cox

Rob Cox

Mondago has a lot to be excited about at this year’s Cloud Comms Summit. The company is in excellent company at their round table session with Twilio and Vonage. “Since Twilio delivers cloud-based APIs, it’s a good balance. Ours is a bit more focused on being telephone system agnostic. Anything that comes out from April from us should have a desktop API built-in. We’ll also be improving our developer partner experience too.”

Rob told me that all of the core products that Mondago sells will be available to demonstrate at the show. “We will be talking about the new range of Call Centre features we are adding to our BroadWorks portfolio plus the new platforms we are supporting with our Go Communicator CRM integration solution..”

Mondago will also be introducing some of the latest integration features they’ve been adding to their strategy, like “activity tracking.” This solution logs the call system in the CRM to give companies access to more information. The call tracking solution was originally introduced in December, but the features continues to be enabled on additional CRM integrations month by month.

Why Do People Come to Mondago?

The Cloud Comms Summit is a valuable event for Mondago because it allows them to interact with a number of manufacturers and service providers in the communications space. I was interested to find out why Rob Cox felt that customers are so drawn to Mondago in the first place. He told me that customers come to Mondago in search of reliable CRM integration.

“Service Providers and Manufacturers invest a lot of money in their telephony solutions and making them unique, but the one thing that can get overlooked is CRM integration”

“They might have developed the most well-known integrations, but they could be losing business for the lesser-known options, and  it can be difficult justifying the cost of writing it themselves.”

Mondago delivers proven integration solutions that can be offered on a white-label basis. This means that providers can stop losing crucial clients due to the wrong CRM integrations. “If you set out to provide a hosted telephony platform, CRM integration isn’t always the first thing on your to-do list. It’s a big job. It’s only when you go out and realise you can’t provide what your customer needs that it becomes essential.”

According to Rob, all the established players already have CRM integration. This means that anyone who wants to compete in the current environment needs to catch up.

Join Mondago at the Cloud Comms Summit

The Cloud Comms Summit London is a compelling industry event, powered by Cavell, and their team of gold sponsors, Cisco, Oracle and Mitel. This year, the conference is bound to be packed full of exciting experiences and innovations to explore.

Make sure that you visit Mondago’s panel session on Developing and Innovating with APIs to discover what you can accomplish in the new API era.


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AvatarPatrick Watson 09:46, 07 Mar 2019

It’s critical for Service Providers to be able to augment their services with integration features, look forward to finding out more about how they can do this during the CCS event!

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