No Future for Lync Phone Edition (LPE) Devices with Microsoft Office 365

Continue to leverage Microsoft collaboration features with AudioCodes solutions

No Future for Lync Phone Edition (LPE) Devices with Microsoft Office 365

With so much excitement around Microsoft Ignite last year, it’s not surprising that many companies missed a few things. As well as Github partnerships and new innovations, the tech giant also revealed that they were on route to disabling the TLS 1.0 and 1.1 accessibility in Office 365. This isn’t the first time the company has referenced this decision. Originally, the older TLS systems were set to be removed during March 2018. Now, the date has been moved to October 31st.

The question for many businesses, is how this transformation will impact Lync Phone Edition (LPE)? According to Microsoft, LPE devices will no longer work with Microsoft’s communication and collaboration products after TLS 1.2 is implemented. That means that you won’t be able to connect to Office 365 or Microsoft Teams.

So, why would Microsoft make such a disruptive move? The simple answer is security. As the threats in the cyber community continue to grow, TLS 1.0 and 1.1 have revealed many flaws. Countless organisations have begun to disable those outdated TLS systems as a result, and Microsoft has chosen to follow suit. While there are no problems with the implementation of TLS on Microsoft systems yet, the company hopes to proactively get ahead of the problem.

Protecting your Communication Infrastructure

Microsoft’s move to TLS 1.2 is sure to cause some disruption among enterprises. The devices affected by the shift include any LPE hardware, including the Mitel-Aastra 6721 IP, the Polycom CX500, and the HP 4120 among others.

The question is, what can you do about it? The simple answer is that you can upgrade your device to a third-party interoperability provider for Microsoft, or a “3PIP” solution. These devices are already certified to work seamlessly with Microsoft communication systems like Microsoft Skype for Business and Teams. What’s more, if you’re worried about your initial PBX investment going to waste, AudioCodes is introducing a replacement program specifically to keep your organisation on track.

The AudioCodes replacement program means that people with LPE phones affected by the switch on the 31st of October can simply swap their device for a matching, or more advanced device. The IP  phones available in the offer come with the exceptional features and standards you’d expect from AudioCodes, including an intuitive user interface, advanced boss-admin capabilities, resiliency options, superior centralised management  and more.

Replacing your LPE Devices with AudioCodes Solutions

The AudioCodes LPE replacement program offers a range of 400HD series phones and huddle room solutions  that are Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams compatible. With a wide range of IP phones to choose from, each with high reliability, HD voice, and certified interoperability, this could be the perfect solution to any company with LPE transitional problems.

The transition deal offered by AudioCodes comes with the following discounts for phones in the 400HD range:

  • $15 off the UC405HD IP Phone – A cost-effective device intended for everyday communication. This hardware comes with a graphical backlit display, auto-provisioning features, SIP support, and much more.
  • $35 off the UC440HD IP Phone: A more advanced mid-range business phone with 6 programmable multi-function keys plus a dedicated LCD sidecar with a further 12 speed-dial & user presence keys..
  • $35 off the UC445HD IP Phone: An advanced high-end desktop phone with a colour screen and an integrated LCD sidecar for speed dial and user presence.
  • $35 off the UC450HD + EXP IP Phones: The UC450HD could be the perfect upgrade for modern companies. This feature-rich executive IP phone comes with a large colour TFT touchscreen for a superb user interface and the option of adding a colour expansion module for maximum flexibility.

All AudioCodes IP Phones in the offer come with GbE support, SILK HD voice quality for a better user experience on Microsoft UC calls and a USB headset port. They can all be remotely managed via AudioCodes IP Phone Manager application to drive operational savings and service excellence.

Huddle Room Discounts

AudioCodes Huddle Room Solution

AudioCodes Huddle Room Solution (HRS)

AudioCodes isn’t just offering support for standard desk phones either. AudioCodes Huddle Room Solutions (HRS) are designed to seamlessly transform any space into a meeting facility, providing high-quality audio conferencing with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to set up and join Skype for Business conference calls as well as manage participants.

Some of the features of the Huddle Room Solutions include a clear and intuitive GUI, crystal clear audio, full lifecycle management and voice quality monitoring. HRS options can accommodate meeting rooms for between 6 and 15 users. And now, with AudioCodes LPE replacement offer, you can get $100 off a  HRS-457 Huddle room, or $200 off a HRS-458 Huddle room for a limited time!

Evolving Your Communication Strategy with AudioCodes

From simple and cost-effective IP phones designed to help keep smaller companies connected, to feature-rich executive phones and huddle room audio-conferencing solutions, , AudioCodes has a way to support any business making the transition away from LPE. The phones offered in the AudioCodes upgrade deal are fully certified to work seamlessly with Microsoft today with Skype for Business and with the evolution to Teams.

As companies continue to go through a state of disruption and transformation in the digital environment, it’s helpful to know that there are groups out there ready to support those in need of  evolution.

Andy Elliot, VP Marketing at AudioCodes: “Microsoft’s announcement that LPE devices will no longer work with Office 365 after TLS 1.2 is implemented creates a real challenge for any organisation using those LPE devices. If they want to stay connected and continue to leverage Microsoft collaboration features beyond October 31st then urgent action is needed.”

“That’s why AudioCodes has responded with some compelling offers to help organisations cost-effectively migrate from LPE to the latest AudioCodes IP Phones. Not only will they stay connected and future-proofed in terms of Microsoft collaboration, they’ll also benefit from AudioCodes simple user interface that drives user productivity and centralised IP Phone & HRS management to drive operational cost savings.”

If you’re concerned about outdated devices in your network preventing you from making the most of your investment in Microsoft collaboration, now is the best time to act.

The AudioCodes LPE upgrade program will help you to enhance the value of your Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business strategy while giving you the security and performance features you need most. What’s more, if you’re moving to Microsoft Teams, you can even future-proof your strategy with a native device upgrade. Contact AudioCodes today to find out more.

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