Voxbit and Snom Unveil Microsoft Teams Integration

Moshe Beauford

The integration is a part of a larger trend of interop amongst UC&C firms

Voxbit and Snom Unveil Microsoft Teams Integration

Snom says it has renewed a partnership with Voxbit, one of the world’s leading providers of internet communications, VoIP phone systems, and supplier of the Byphone hosted phone system. The updated partnership will enable the duo to offer a new collaborative tool that allows Microsoft Teams users to include Snom phones as part of their telephony solution.

James Wells

James Wells

The two companies already have a long-standing agreement and are working together to create what they call an optimal work environment for those who leverage Microsoft, Snom, and Byphone technologies to power their workday.

The most recent of its integrations let users decide how they would like to communicate. It does so by fostering a fluid and flexible communication experience. Users can use their Snom handset to make direct calls and to transfer calls to individuals from a Teams extensions leveraging direct routing.

I spoke with James Wells, Head of Channel, Byphone, in a recent interview, and he told me that the pandemic has caused what he calls ‘a drastic shift in how businesses communicate,’ adding:

“Employees need increased flexibility, but not at the expense of high-quality, robust audio interactions, which is why our latest solution is a blend of these two needs”

The move comes as more companies in the collaboration and unified communications space work together, realizing competition is not a bad thing. In doing so, companies gain access to a wider market of end-users. The hope with interop is to enhance the user experience for those customers who use other third-party communications tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

I reached out to Snom’s Head of Interop, Mark Wiegleb, who told me that he’s convinced that users will like this collaborative solution. Wiegleb also said that the Byphone solution is a seamless integration of Snom devices with Microsoft Teams on their platform, adding:

“The real winners here are the people using the system to make calls. Not only do they benefit from the superior audio quality of a Snom phone plus all the extra on-device features – so they can also enjoy all the advantages available to Teams users”

Mark Wiegleb

Mark Wiegleb

The duo said, this new development, in this long-standing partnership, is all about extending preference and choice to customers, and they say the Byphone platform hands those decisions to the users themselves. Snom is seeking other solutions to integrate with and already extends advanced interoperability as well as turnkey integrations, Wiegleb said during our interview.

UC&C providers like Yeastar, Mitel, Centile, VoIPfone, and others including Metaswitch are already compatible with Snom devices, with more integrations expected in the future, according to a statement by the organization.

As more companies understand the value of working together, we can only assume that the market will become a whole lot more friendly to the idea as time progresses. This is when it comes to ensuring all end users have what they need to execute the duties of their job with greater ease. The next few years should manifest exponential growth in the world of interop, as a matter of fact.



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