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  • Sweat PBX Cloud Comms

    Sweat your PBX: The Road to UCaaS Success

    As the business world continues to move through a stage of digital transformation, countless companies are embracing UCaaS. But how can you improve your adoption strategy? More

  • UCaaS Market Guide

    UCaaS Vendors

    With this a UCaaS solution, businesses benefit from a service that provides all of the latest software and security updates, gives round the clock access to said services from any location with web access and allows users to collaborate whenever they wish both in and out of the office. More

  • CPaaS Market Guide

    CPaaS Vendors

    Over the last few years, many businesses have recognised the growing trend of CPaaS as a potential way of saving a great deal of time and money and reaching the rising number of customers who prefer to communicate in more modern ways. More

  • Cloud Security

    The GDPR and Cloud Communications Explored

    Come May next year, every business in the UK will be subject to strict new EU regulations on data protection. Despite Brexit looming, the government has confirmed that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be adopted, replacing current laws on data handling. More

  • Cloud Security

    Understanding Cloud Communications Security

    When Cloud technology first burst onto the scene, there was one major question mark which made business users hesitant to jump straight in – security. We look at the options. More

  • Unify Circuit

    Unify Circuit Review: Harnessing the Power of WebRTC

    One product making full use of WebRTC’s potential is Circuit, a hosted UC and team collaboration platform developed by German UC giant Unify. Circuit’s USP is that it can turn any device into a fully fledged, robust, enterprise class communications device direct from the web browser, with no apps, no downloads. More

  • UCaaS VS PBX

    UCaaS versus PBX: Are We All Heading For The Cloud?

    It is a debate which will run and run in the UC industry. Just a few months ago, UC Today held a very lively forum debate on the merits of cloud communications versus on-premises solutions. It was great to hear so many opinions from the channel on this important topic. More

  • RingCentral Review

    RingCentral Review: Future-Ready Cloud Communications

    As a pioneer first in the cloud PBX market and then UCaaS, RingCentral has always prided itself on riding the wave of technological progress. It also believes it is in exactly the right place to adapt to, meet and indeed drive forward these changes – the Cloud. More

  • IPCortex Q&A

    Is Contextual Communications the Promised Land for UC?

    While most of the attention in Unified Communications industry is, understandably, on present and future forms of communication – the Cloud, multimedia applications, social media – the man who founded British vendor IPCortex believes we shouldn’t lose sight of the the lessons offered by a much older type of technology. More

  • Cisco Spark Featured

    A Spark in the Cloud: Why Cisco is Putting Its Money on Service Agility

    Historically one of the global leaders in the manufacture and supply of business communications and networking hardware, the Silicon Valley-based corporation has in the past decade also been at the forefront of the Cloud revolution which has swept through the industry. More

  • Cloud 10 Reasons

    10 Reasons to Invest in Cloud Communications

    It would be wrong to think that the long-running debate over Cloud versus on-premises communications solutions has been settled decisively either way. The recent uplift in interest in hybrid systems suggests both have an important role to play in the future of business telecommunications. More

  • Cisco Spark

    Cisco Spark Review: Cloud-based Apps for Better Teamwork

    As one of the world’s biggest telecoms and networking technology companies, you would expect Cisco to be right at the forefront of this drive. Early to embrace the transition from purchased software solutions to cloud-based application services, Cisco helped to pioneer the UCaaS model with its virtualised Unified Computing System (UCS). More

  • Cloud Communications Series

    Cloud Communications – Technology Track 2017

    Also known as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Cloud Comms is our biggest series yet with more articles than ever before – around 30 throughout the month – that’s 50% more than any other series so far! More

  • Cloud Communications Market Guide

    Cloud Communications Vendors

    As part of our Market Guide, here’s our list of cloud communications vendors. The list includes both dedicated and multi-tenant Cloud phone system suppliers to the partner community. More